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Coaching Resources

“A good coach can change a game;
a great coach can change a life.”John Wooden

Templates & quick links

Yearly Training Plan (YTP) – seasonal plan for Competition Introduction coaches. An excel version is available – email Bronwen.

2019-2021 Rulebook

Emergency Action Plan – GENERIC

 Practice Plan template


Practice Drills & Games

Ringette Canada’s Coaches Tools page & email Bronwen for details on accessing the Drill Manual

Hockey Canada’s Drill Hub has some great skating drills. Be sure to modify as needed for ringette!

Half Ice Shooting Drills

Half Ice Passing Drills

Miscellaneous drills: (many have different names or slightly different execution)

Get a Junior Coach!
Not sure what a junior coach is? Check our Team Staff Requirements page, and click on Junior Coaches. Contact your local association and let them know you’re interested in having a Junior Coach join your team. I strongly encourage ALL teams, especially U14 and younger, to find a Junior Coach. 

These young athletes have a ton of experience relevant not only to ringette but to team-building and are often able to relate much more easily to your athletes than you can.

They are role models and future coaches. As head and assistant coaches, part of your responsibility is to mentor them. Include them on decision-making, and ask for their input and ideas both on and off the ice. Some will take more encouragement than others to speak up, but they’re there because they love ringette and want to share it.

Though they are often busy and I know that attendance is probably hit and miss, they are young and learning to balance the demands on their time. Help them find ways to stay involved and the more they enjoy being there and feel valued, the higher you’ll be on their list of priorities.

Please do NOT reduce them to pylon-pushers, they have so much more to offer. Ask them to run a drill/game in practice. Take your team to watch theirs play. Your kids can make posters to cheer on their junior coach.

Tactics & Strategies
Tactics fall under the larger umbrella of strategies, and there are 4 categories: offense, defense, transition, and special situations. If you want to have a successful team, you’ll need to think about these 4 areas. With the younger athletes, you start with general tactics, which might even start with certain skills.



Transition: (more added soon)

  • This section is really a combination of defense and offense. Defense to recover the ring, and offense to know where to go. Focus on correct checking (including body positioning), and then providing support for the ring carrier.

Special Situations:

Team Building Games & Activities
Ringette Alberta’s YouTube Channel
Team Building Activities – updated regularly!

Orange Marks the Spot : Orienteering Alberta and Be Fit For Life have teamed up to produce a resource available to everyone as a fun way to introduce outdoor adventure skills and promote physical activity. There are 6 detailed lesson plans available for free download. The lesson plans can be adapted for all ages, skills levels, and locations. This would be a great team activity to get out of the rink and learn new skills!

Warmup Exercises
Try teaching your athletes about dynamic warmups! (this next list is one example)

Check out this series of videos based on FIFA 11+ exercises.

Interesting Extras
We made a YouTube playlist with some informative, funny, and heartwarming ringette stories.
Watch Full Ringette Games

There are some videos of high-level ringette games on YouTube.

2016 World Ringette Championships Canada vs. Finland (senior team, final #1)

2016 World Ringette Championships Canada vs. Finland (junior team, final #2) is one of MANY Canada Winter Games ringette games that are available at Games include commentary and are fantastic to watch and learn about the game!

2019 Canada Winter Games Gold Medal Game – Ontario vs. Quebec

2019 World Ringette Championships Canada Sr. vs. Finland Sr.

2019 World Ringette Championships Canada Jr. vs Finland Jr.

Health & Wellness

There is a tab under ‘athletes’ for Health and Wellness which link to the NCCP’s Sport Nutrition module as well as a website called BodySense which has tons of information about promoting a positive body image for athletes. Highly recommend checking them both out!

CAAWS also has some great resources specifically aimed at female athletes: Disordered EatingPhysical Activity + TobaccoSelf-Esteem and more.

Sample Practice Plans by Division – submit yours!

It’s important to remember that not all athletes, even within the same division, are at the same stage of development. These are rough outlines or examples of plans that coaches have used for these groups, but can be used and/or adapted for others. Know your athletes and what they need to ensure improvement.


We know there are a lot of coaches out there with great ideas to share. To add to this list, send an email to Bronwen.

This page will be updated regularly with new content – keep checking back!

We Love Ringette!

We’re guessing you do too. A favourite activity? Staying at the hotel with your team? SWIMMING? Lots of team cheers on the bench? Working hard at practice? Skating fast? Catching the quick low-post passes?