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Ringette Alberta’s YouTube Channel
Team Building Activities – updated regularly!

Orange Marks the Spot

Orienteering Alberta and Be Fit For Life have teamed up to produce a resource available to everyone as a fun way to introduce outdoor adventure skills and promote physical activity. There are 6 detailed lesson plans available for free download. The lesson plans can be adapted for all ages, skills levels, and locations. This would be a great team activity to get out of the rink and learn new skills!

Try teaching your athletes about dynamic warmups!

Check out this series of videos based on FIFA 11+ exercises.

2019-2021 Rulebook

Ringette Canada’s Coaches Tools page

Hockey Canada’s Drill Hub has some great skating drills. Be sure to modify as needed for ringette!

Half Ice Shooting Drills

Half Ice Passing Drills

We made a YouTube playlist with some informative, funny, and heartwarming ringette stories.
Video explaining 3 lanes and Quiet Zones

Drawings and explanation of 3 lanes and Quiet Zones

Zone Defense explanation

Zone Defense from a center ice free pass

Video explaining basics of the defensive triangle positioning

Triangle Movement

Defending a Drop Pass and Low Walk

Breakout – Flare

Breakout – Power Left/Right

Other Breakouts

There are some videos of high level ringette games on YouTube.

2016 World Ringette Championships Canada vs. Finland (senior team, final #1)

2016 World Ringette Championships Canada vs. Finland (junior team, final #2) is one of MANY Canada Winter Games ringette games that are available at Games include commentary and are fantastic to watch and learn about the game!

There is a tab under ‘athletes’ for Health and Wellness which link to the NCCP’s Sport Nutrition module as well as a website called BodySense which has tons of information about promoting a positive body image for athletes. Highly recommend checking them both out!

CAAWS also has some great resources specifically aimed at female athletes: Disordered Eating, Physical Activity + Tobacco, Self-Esteem and more.

We know there are a lot of coaches out there with great ideas to share. To add to this list, send an email to Bronwen.

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