The following is a list of all sanctioned tournaments and events being held in Alberta in 2018/19:
*please note in all Tournaments with U10 & Active Start Divisions, small nets will be used. 

Tournament Dates Contact Registration Division/Level
Rusty Ring Sept 21-23, 2018 Corine Bushfield Registration Deadline:Aug. 31 Registration Fee:$850 U14AA
Ring It On! Sept. 28-30, 2018 Rob Gosselin Registration Deadline: Aug. 31 Registration Fee: $1,175 U16AA, U19AA
Ava Esposito Memorial Tournament Oct. 5-7, 2018 Jackie Farrow Registration Deadline: Sept. 19 Registration Fee: $700 U12A,B,C, U14A,B, C
St. Albert Turkey Ring Oct. 5-8, 2018 Debbie Stahn Registration Deadline: Sept. 26 Registration Fee: $250-800 U10Step1,2,3, U12A,B,C, U14AA,A,B, U16AA,A,B, U19A,B
Lonnie Krahn Classic Oct. 12-14, 2018 Mary Pelland Registration Deadline: Sept. 29 Registration Fee: $700-750 U12A,B,C, U14A,B,C, U16A,B, U19A,B
Beaumont Brass Ring Oct. 19-21, 2018 Brian Hughes Registration Deadline: Oct. 5 Registration Fee: $550-750 U10Step1,2,3, U12A,B,C, U14AA,A,B,C, U16AA,A,B, U19A,B, Open C
Fort McMurray Aurora Ring Oct. 26-28, 2018 Tiko Bielecki Registration Deadline: Oct. 17 Registration Fee: $500 U10Step2, U12B,C, U14B,C
Calgary Northwest Ringette Rumble Nov 2-4, 2018 Karen Kyle Registration Deadline: Oct. 10 Registration Fee:$900 U14A,B, U16A,B, U19A,B
Airdrie Ring of Fire Nov 9-11, 2018 Clara Leblond Registration Deadline: Oct. 14 Registration Fee: TBA U12A,B,C, U14A,B, U16B
Sherwood Park Platinum Ring Nov 9-11, 2018 Tamara Hyska Registration Deadline: Oct. 8 Registration Fee: $450-700 U10Step1,2,3, U12A,B,C
Lacombe Ice Breaker Nov 16-18, 2018 Nicole Plewis Registration Deadline: Oct. 10 Registration Fee: $550-700 U10Step1,2,3, U12A,B, U14A, U16B, Open C
Lethbridge Chinook Tournament Nov 16-18, 2018 Cara Parks Registration Deadline: Oct. 15 Registration Fee: $750-850 U10Step1,2, U12B,C, U14B, U16B, U19B, Open A,C
Bow View Jingle Ring Nov. 23-25, 2018 Sue Piercey Registration Deadline: Oct. 19 Registration Fee: $925-950 U10Step3, U12A,B, U14A,C, U16A,B, U19B
Edmonton Wood Tournament Nov. 23-25, 2018 Caleigh Wojcicki Registration Deadline:  Aug. 15 Registration Fee: $1,350 U14AA,U16AA,U19AA
Fort Sask LiUNA Diamond Ring Nov. 30-Dec. 2, 2018 Kristin Greenwood Registration Deadline: Oct. 15 Registration Fee: $525-725 U10Step1,2,3, U12A,C, U19B
Indus Ice Angels Tournament Nov. 30-Dec. 2, 2018 Holly Turner Registration Deadline: Oct. 21 Registration Fee: $200-550 Active Start, U10Step1,2,3
MHRA Ed Horvath Inter-Provincial Nov. 30-Dec. 2, 2018 Tyler Ulmer/Jason Tindall Registration Deadline: Nov. 12 Registration Fee: $700-750 U10Step1,2,3, U12A,B, U14A,B, U16A,B, U19A, 18+B
Cochrane Classic Dec. 7-9, 2018 Crystal Nagy Registration Deadline: Oct. 20 Registration Fee: $600-825 U10Step1,2,3, U12A,B,C U14A,B,C, U16A,B, U19A,B
Rockyford Dec. 7-9, 2018 Bradie Munro Registration Deadline: Oct. 30 Registration Fee: $450-600 U10Step2, U12B, U14A
South Calgary Ring in the Holidays Dec. 7-9, 2018 Chantelle Niro Registration Deadline: Oct. 15 Registration Fee: $775-900 U10Step3, U12A,B,C, U14A, U16B
Central Alberta Sting Icebreaker Dec. 14-16, 2018 Tracy Dawes Registration Deadline: Sept. 30 Registration Fee: $1,100.00 U14AA, U16AA, U19AA
Red Deer Baymont Friends on Ice Jan. 4-6, 2019 Erin Luke Registration Deadline: Nov. 11 Registration Fee: $250-750 Active Start, U10Step1,2,3, U12A,B,C, U14A,B,C, U16B. U19A/B, OpenD
Leduc Wild Thing Tournament Jan. 11-13, 2019 Chelsea Cameron Registration Deadline: Oct. 31 Registration Fee: $225-850 Active Start, U10Step1,2,3, U12B,C, U14B,C, U16B. U19B, OpenB
UofA Ringette Scores on Cancer Jan. 18-20, 2019 Paul Hotke or Bonnie Peters Registration Deadline: Nov. 16 Registration Fee: $475 U10Step2,3, U12A,B,C, U14A,B,C, U16A,B
Calgary Esso Golden Ring Jan. 18-20, 2019 Marlayne Brandsgard Registration Deadline: Nov. 5 (out of town teams) Oct. 29 (Calgary teams),  Registration Fee: Varies by Division Active Start, U10Step1,2,3, U12A,B,C, U14AA,A,B,C, U16AA,A,B, U19AA,A,B
Edmonton Silver Ring Jan. 18-20, 2019 Shannon Langstrom Registration Deadline: Nov. 5 Registration Fee: $300-800 Active Start, U10Step1,2,3, U12A,B,C, U14A,C, U16A,B
Copper Point CORA Calgary Classic Jan. 25-27, 2019 Eric Forst Registration Deadline: Dec. 5 Registration Fee: $750 Open A,B,C
Strathmore Laurie Morton Ruppe Memorial Feb. 1-3, 2019 Coreena Hunter Registration Deadline: Nov. 1 Registration Fee: $575-725 U10Step1,2,3, U12A,B,C, U14A,C, U16B, U19B
Hinton Friends on Ice Feb. 1-3, 2019 Lindi Hills Registration Deadline:  Nov. 30 Registration Fee:$250-725 Active Start, U10Step1, U12C, U14C, U16B, U19B
Spruce Grove Sweetheart Tournament Feb. 15-18, 2019 Korrin Lenderbeck/Darren McCrank Registration Deadline: Nov. 1 Registration Fee: $350-950 Active Start, U10Step1,2,3, U12A,C, U14AA, U16AA,A, U19AA,B, Open B
Airdrie Ring of Fire II Mar. 1-3, 2019 Clara Leblond Registration Deadline: Jan. 13 Registration Fee: TBA Active Start, U10Step1,2,3
Lethbridge Bridge Battle Mar. 8-10, 2019 Cara Parks Registration Deadline: Jan. 10 Registration Fee: $300-650 Active Start, U10Step1,2

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