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Gym Ringette

Ringette Alberta has 3 sets of Gym Ringette equipment available to members, associations, groups or schools. These sets can be borrowed at no cost, but do require a deposit be left with our office staff until the equipment is returned.

The following Gym Ringette equipment can be rented in different sets:

  • Youth 35” sticks
  • Intermediate 44” sticks
  • RRG- Gym Ringette Rings
  • GS-15 – 36” goal Stick
  • Gym 1 – 8 youth, 16 intermediate, 2 goal sticks, 19 rings
  • Gym 2 – 16 youth, 8 intermediate, 2 goal sticks, 19 rings
  • Gym 3 – 12 youth, 12 intermediate, 2 goal sticks, 16 rings

Email if you have other questions.

We also have on-ice sticks available to borrow! These would be great if your group is trying ringette on the ice for the first time, or if you’re hosting a fun shinny game.
To borrow our Gym Ringette equipment or on-ice sticks, please fill out this form.

A Gym Ringette Instructors Guide is also available for free download from Ringette Canada:
Let’s Play Gym Ringette Guide
Teacher’s Guide for Gym Ringette



Move, Think, Learn – Ringette in Focus

We are pleased to be able to share with you a new resource that has been developed in collaboration with Physical and Health Education Canada: Move Think Learn – Ringette in Focus.

This easy-to-implement resource introduces teachers and students to ringette through a unique approach that facilitates purposeful game play experiences. The Move Think Learn series explores movements and tactical/critical thinking associated with each sport and brings these skills together through a culminating activity where students apply learning. While the resource focuses on ringette, it emphasizes the transferability of tactical solutions from one sport context to another. Each Move Think Learn resource provides for 6-8 activities each and is targeted to educators working with the children and youth in grades 4 through 9. The goal of the series is to increase student knowledge, confidence, and competence to become further engaged in physical activity and/or sport.

Move Think Learn – Ringette in Focus and the other 8 Move Think Learn resources are available here: