Special Events

Special Events sanctioned by Ringette Alberta include charity events, ringette schools, camps, and clinics hosted by member associations.   Review policy 12.4.3 and 12.4.4 to determine which events are automatically sanctioned and which events require a Special Event Sanction Request form.

To host a an event that is not automatically sanctioned, please fill out the online Special Event Sanction Request form and submit the $50 sanctioning fee.  The Off season Development Sanction request form replaces the Special Event Sanctioning for 2021 due to COVID-19 restriction.  Camps run during the COVID-19 restrictions must follow AHS guidelines.

Contact your Association President if the facility requires a copy of your insurance certificate.  If the facility is not listed on the insurance certificate, please fill out the Certificate of Insurance Request Form and email to carolyn@ringettealberta.com.

Phone 780-415-1750 if you have any questions.