Alberta Winter Games

The next Alberta Winter Games will be held in Airdrie, in February 2020. Ringette is pleased to once again be apart of this amazing multi-sport event. Stay tuned to this page and the Alberta Sport Connection Website for more information on the upcoming Games.

You’re Invited!

Ringette Alberta invites all age-eligible athletes to try out for your Zone ringette team for the once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in the Alberta Winter Games.  The 2020 Games will be held in Airdrie and will feature 22 Sporting Events represented by the eight different regional zones.

Preparing for and participating in the Alberta Games will challenge you to be your best and will also be some of the most fun you’ll have in sport. You’ll experience the challenge of the evaluation process for your zone team and, if you’re selected, you will experience an absolutely incredible multi-sport environment that will bring together nearly 3,000 athletes, coaches and officials from across the province to take part in 19 different sports.

Goals of Alberta Games

  • Provide a competitive opportunity for developing athletes
  • Assist athletes who have the interest and ability to work toward their maximum potential.
  • Provide competition that will serve the developmental needs for each sport throughout Alberta.
  • Assist in the preparation of potential athletes for the Canada Games.

Athlete Eligibility

Any registered athlete between the age of 13 and 16, by December 31, 2019 are eligible to compete at the Alberta Winter Games.

Looking purely at stage of development and regional differences, a team can be comprised of players in any of these divisions/levels participating in the Games: U14 A, U14AA, U16B, U16A, U16AA, first year U19B, U19A and U19AA players.  This approach is no different than the approach taken with Ringette Alberta Challenge and Ringette Alberta Cup where the programs are open to all athletes.  Many of them do a fairly good job of erasing the lines between age groupings and AA vs A and surprise a lot of people, including themselves, in the process.

All athletes currently registered to Ringette Alberta and within the age parameters are invited to sign up for tryouts. There is a $50 evaluation fee to cover the ice and evaluator costs, and all players will be guaranteed three skates. It is important to note that athletes must tryout in the ZONE which they RESIDE, current Ringette team locations do not play a factor. There is a full listing of communities in each zone to determine what team athletes will be eligible for. Once announced, evaluation times can be found on our Zone Tryout Information Page.

Athlete Registration

Ringette Alberta does not support the manipulation of the team formation within zones and will argue doing so violates Ringette Alberta’s Code of Conduct policy.  All players need to be provided the opportunity to participate.  We would be highly disappointed if a coach of a team, for example, discouraged his/her players from participating in an AWGs zone team in favour of their association team. The Alberta Winter Games offers once in a lifetime developmental (skills and life) experience. Therefore, each zone should be supporting their athletes to compete at the Games from the club and local association level. It is a great privilege to represent each Zone at a high level competition and Ringette Alberta encourages all athletes in their pursuit.

The full Athlete Eligibility Criteria is listed here.

Coaching Selection

Each Zone Coaching Staff will be comprised of a four individuals, a minimum of two being female. Due to the age and level of competition, all coaches will be required to have their Competition-Introduction Certification and Making Ethical Decisions – Competition Introduction completed by December 15, 2019.

Interested Coaches are encouraged to complete the application form for either Head or Assistant Coach positions, application can be found on the AWG Coaching Staff page, and applications will be forwarded to the individual Zone Selection Committees following the Coach Application Deadline: August 15, 2019.

Athlete Selection

Once the team staff is selected,  they will organize the athlete selection process within the parameters set by Ringette Alberta.  Each zone will be provided financial support from Ringette Alberta and the Alberta Sport Connection to assist with ice costs associated with athlete selection.

Following athlete selection, the team staff will conduct team training in advance of the games, also within the parameters set by Ringette Alberta to ensure equity across the province,  that regular club team schedules are respected and costs are kept to a minimum. Athletes that are successful in representing their Zones will be announced on the Alberta Winter Games – Zone Teams.

Ringette Alberta would like to thank the Alberta Sport Connection for their ongoing financial support and commitment to the Alberta Games