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Mentorship Program for Coaches

Ringette Alberta is excited to introduce a Mentorship Program for coaches.

We are dedicated to coach development from Active Start through Open. We believe mentorship plays an important role in this development and will ultimately have a positive impact on our athletes and coaches, both on and off the ice.

Mentorship is a strategy employed by the sport domain to support, develop, and retain coaches. It’s a key element of personal and career development. Mentorship is a relationship in which a person with useful experience and knowledge offers advice, information, guidance, support, or opportunity to another for that individual’s professional or personal development. Mentorship helps coaches increase learning, productivity, and decreases feelings of isolation in their roles. It provides a support system from someone who knows exactly what they’re dealing with and can offer concrete solutions. There are documented advantages for the mentors as well, including enhanced leadership skills and continuous learning.

The mentee may be new to ringette, new to coaching, or both, and there are mentors who can help guide them through it all. Coaches who have a year or two of coaching experience are also encouraged to apply. Ringette Alberta’s coach mentorship program will consist of matching established and experienced coaches with new or inexperienced coaches.

We surveyed female (350 responses) and male (450 responses) coaches: 90% of women and 41% of men were interested in having access to a mentorship program.

Please read through the Mentorship Program Outline before applying to be a mentor/mentee. Deadline to apply is September 30, 2019, but if you’re a bit late we will work with you to figure something out.

Apply to be a MENTOR

Apply to be a MENTEE

Contact Bronwen with any questions.