Provincial Host Documents

Upcoming Deadlines

May 15 – 1st Deadline for 2019 Provincial Host Applications
August 15 – 2nd Deadline for 2019 Provincial Host Applications
November 15 – 3rd and Final Deadline for 2019 Provincial Host Applications

Bid Information

In order to host Provincial Championships, member associations should review the following Provincial Championship Hosting Guide in order to ensure their bid meets all mandatory criteria:
Provincials Hosting Bid Guide

Member associations who wish to host Provincials must complete an Application to Host.  Please fill out the online Provincial Host application:
Provincial Championships Host Application

Size of Provincial Championships 2021

Please email if you have any questions or concerns regarding the online application

Ringette Alberta Logo Specs
Welcome Letter 2020 Provincial Championships

To access documents from previous Provincial Championships, such as sponsorship requests, coaching packages, skills competition formats, etc. please visit the dropbox link below:

Provincial Championships Sample Documents