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Team Staff Requirements

Team Staff Requirements
The deadline to complete all requirements is December 15. 

*with the exception of CI Evaluation which is January 31.

First things first:

  1. To see what you have, check your NCCP Locker Account, and review your Pathway and Status.
  2. Information on how to register is here, or check this one-page walk-through.
  3. For information about status renewal and PD points, check here.

*If you’re having trouble logging into either your NCCP or Ringette Canada coaching accounts, do NOT create a new profile. Email Bronwen for an account reset.

All coaches must be “Trained” or “Certified”

New in 2023-24: All team staff (Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager, Trainer, Junior Coach, On-Ice Assistant) must complete the Safe Sport module. This is a free, self-directed module:

Head Coaches & Assistant Coaches

NoteCI Certified is an acceptable status for coaches who need CI Trained. Neither CI Trained nor CI Certified is acceptable for coaches who should be CSI Trained. CSI is not a pre-requisite for CI.

The first three (CiS, MED class and MED Evaluation) are all considered “multi-sport” courses and can be registered for and completed at  must do the MED Class BEFORE the evaluation. DO NOT PAY $85. 

The Ringette specific courses are found at


Pathway components:

  1. Coach Initiation in Sport eModule: online ~ 1 hr, 1 time only (all coaches)
  2. Make Ethical Decisions Class: in class or webinar ~ 3.5 hrs, 1 time only
    • Making Ethical Decisions online evaluation: online – only do this AFTER the MED class. DO NOT PAY $85.
  3. Community Sport Initiation (CSI): in class ~10 hrs (U10, U12B, U12C, U14C) ~ renewal 10 PD points every 5 years
  4. Competition Introduction Trained (CI) (U12A, U14, U16, U19, NRL) ~ renewal 20 PD points every 5 years
    • Workbook ahead of time: online ~2 hrs
    • In class ~20 hrs
  5. Competition Introduction Evaluation Certified: on ice practice observed by an evaluator (HC @ U14AA, HC & AC @ U16A/AA, U19A/AA, NRL)

Refer to the Clinic Schedule and/or How to Register pages for more information.


Junior Coaches

The Ringette Alberta Junior Coach Program is available to young players who wish to be involved in coaching a team and starting their leadership experience. The purpose of the Junior Coach role is to provide valuable mentoring and exposure to quality coaching for young athletes. Once the coach has turned 18, they are expected to complete the full Community Sport or Competition Introduction Stream. There is nothing preventing someone from taking the full CSI or CI courses once they turn 14, though they would not be considered the “female coach” until they turn 18. The purpose of the Junior Coach is to allow ringette players a chance to experience coaching without the burden of coaching courses. Junior Coaches are always under the supervision of a qualified head/assistant coach.

To be matched with a team, contact your local association’s coaching director and say that you’re interested in being a Junior Coach. They will find a team for you to join!

To qualify to be a junior coach, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a minimum of 14 years of age –  a coach may join a team mid-season (until December 15th) as a Junior Coach once they turn 14.
  • A maximum of 17 years of age by September 1st of the current Ringette season
  • A current ringette player (or taking one year off due to injury, etc.)
  • Complete the Coach Initiation in Sport eModule in the NCCP Locker
  • On a team in any division younger than the Junior Coach
  • Registered on the team roster in the Junior Coach role
On-Ice Assistants

On-Ice Assistants are parents or volunteers wishing to assist with practices and testing days and must complete the Coach Initiation in Sport eModule found on the NCCP Locker. The On-Ice Assistant role will:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Assist teams registered in U19 or younger
  • Only help during practices and Testing Days; not permitted to be on the bench for games; league or exhibition, tournaments, etc.
  • Follow the same screening process as set by the local association
  • Be registered on the Team Roster as an On-Ice Assistant
National Ringette League (NRL)

More information about the NRL and coaching requirements can be found on the Ringette Canada page as well as the NRL’s documents page.

This is the Ringette Canada Comp Dev Pathway

NRL coaches are working towards Comp Dev certification, and for the 2019-2020 season must complete 1 multi-sport Comp Dev module before November 30, 2019. This does not apply to coaches who are already Comp Dev certified.

All coaches must complete Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders. This does not have to be redone each season. If you’ve done it but it’s not showing up in your NCCP Locker profile, log into Respect Group and click the button that allows them to share the information with NCCP. It will also give you PD points.

To facilitate coaches completing the requirements, Ringette Alberta will be scheduling some Comp Dev modules during the 2020-2021 season. It is not yet clear if these will be offered in person or online only. Check our  Coaching Clinic Schedule page and social media for updates.

The Competition Development multi-sport modules are:
  • Managing Conflict
  • Leading Drug-Free Sport
  • Psychology of Performance
  • Prevention & Recovery
  • Manage a Sport Program
  • Coaching & Leading Effectively
  • Developing Athletic Abilities
  • Performance Planning

National Coaches Week is September 21-29, 2019 and the NCCP, in conjunction with Alberta Sport Connection, is offering several courses throughout the week in Calgary and Edmonton. This includes the multi-sport Competition Development modules that will count for NRL coaches leading up to getting their Comp Dev certification. See the schedule and registration links on the Alberta Sport Connection website.

Canadian Ringette Championships (CRC)

Per a 2017 memo from Ringette Canada: “Following discussions with Ringette Canada stakeholders at the 2016 HP Summit, and through the Competition Review work, Ringette Canada will be encouraging coaches to complete professional development towards their maintenance of certification focused on the Competition – Development context. As such, starting next season, certified Competition – Introduction coaches attending CRC will be required to complete 1 Competition- Development multi-sport module during the season. This requirement will be annual and continuous until all Competition – Development multi-sport modules are complete.”

This is the Ringette Canada Comp Dev Pathway

All coaches (head and asst.) who attend CRC will need to complete 1 Comp Dev module in the time between CRC. The course must be completed between the end of the previous season’s CRC and March 1 of the current season, REGARDLESS of whether or not they attended the CRC the previous season. Coaches must complete a Comp Dev module that is NEW TO THEM. Repeating a module will not fulfill the requirement.


  • If a coach has completed their Competition Introduction Evaluation (CI Eval) since the end of the previous CRC, they are not required for that season, but will be required in the future.
  • Coaches who are already Competition Development Trained or Certified do not need to fulfill this requirement, but they must ensure that their coaching status remains active and not expired.

The Competition Development multi-sport modules are listed below. Check Alberta Sport’s calendar for upcoming opportunities to complete one of these courses.

  • Managing Conflict
  • Leading Drug-Free Sport (this is currently the only one that can be done independently, all others have an instructor at a set time)
  • Psychology of Performance
  • Prevention & Recovery
  • Manage a Sport Program
  • Coaching & Leading Effectively
  • Developing Athletic Abilities
  • Performance Planning

All coaches must complete a Safe Sport module. This could be one of two options:

  1. NCCP’s Safe Sport module. This does not expire, and it is free.
  2. Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders. This does not expire, and costs ~$30. If you’ve done it but it’s not showing up in your NCCP Locker profile, log into Respect Group and click the button that allows them to share the information with NCCP.

Each TEAM at CRC needs to have a coach or trainer on the bench with First Aid or higher.



    Each Team Staff is able to have ONE designated trainer on their TRF, this individual must be 18 or older and counts towards the maximum of 5 staff members permitted on the bench at once. To be a trainer, Standard First Aid or higher is required. Alternatives include:

    i.          Medical Doctor/Student
    ii.         Fireman
    iii.        Registered Nurse (send licence)
    iv.         Ambulance Training
    v.          Athletic Therapy
    vi.         Sport Physio Designation or Sport First Responder
    vii.        Equivalency for any certified standard first aid course, thirteen (13) hours or more in duration (eg. St. John Ambulance or Red Cross Standard First Aid programs), which includes the following content:
    •     Principal of First Aid and Safety
    •     Artificial Respiration
    •     Wounds and Bleeding
    •     Shock, Unconsciousness and Fainting
    •     Fractures
    •     Head and Spinal Injuries
    •     Joint Injuries
    •     Medical Conditions (Diabetes, Asthma, etc.)

    A copy of the first aid training, college registration, practice license, or other certification paperwork must be submitted via this Google Form. Make sure you know your team code, for example CBV-U12C-2. 


    Note: Managers are NOT permitted on the bench during games.


    This managerial “course” has been designed specifically for those who may not wish to coach, yet wish to contribute and be involved in a team’s organization. The information contained in the Managers Certification is valuable and beneficial for any individual in the team sport setting. It is highly recommended that those people who are currently in a coaching role obtain this certificate to help increase their knowledge in the area of team administration. This program is intended to prepare an individual for a managerial or administrative position on any Ringette team.

    • Go to the Ringette Canada coaching website and sign in to or create your profile. SIGN UP HERE
    • After creating your online profile, you will be able to access the Manager’s Certification Program by clicking on the “register” tab and select either ‘other’. When prompted, you will have to make an online payment of $25.00 through PayPal. You will then have access to the program.
    • Please read through the material online and answer the respective questions. You will not be able to advance to the next section without having successfully answered the questions. Thus, you will be re-directed to the appropriate material to assist you in correcting your answer.
    • If you leave the online program stagnant for a period of time, you will be able to resume where you left off.
    • Once complete, a certificate of achievement will be generated, but you are not required to print this as you will receive a wallet card accrediting you as a Certified Manager by Ringette Canada. These individuals will be registered with their provincial/territorial association and with Ringette Canada as certified managers.
    • You will have the ability to review the Manager’s Certification Program by logging onto the system at any point in the future.
    • All certified managers will be added to the Manager’s database and will have the ability to receive emails regarding updates or professional development opportunities. All provinces will be provided with a master list of all certified managers in their province.

    As per Ringette Alberta Policy, Managers must have completed their certification by December 15 of the current playing year to be eligible Team Staff members. 

    Competition - Development (Comp-Dev/CD)

    Competition Development (Comp Dev or CD) is for high-performance coaches. Canada Winter Games, National Teams. Ringette Canada is working towards having more of our AA and NRL coaches completing this training (check the tabs for the CRC and NRL above)

    CD requires some multi-sport courses offered through Provincial Coaching Associations (you can check the NCCP Calendar by province, or on Alberta Sport’s calendar page), as well as sport-specific training put on by Ringette Canada and/or Provincial bodies. There are 8 multi-sport modules that need to be done, 5 of which must be complete BEFORE you can register for the sport-specific.

    • Developing Athletic Abilities
    • Coaching & Leading Effectively
    • Prevention & Recovery
    • Manage a Sport Program
    • Performance Planning
    • Managing Conflict
    • Leading a Drug-Free Sport
    • Psychology of Performance

    If you are interested in this process, you can consult this graphic from Ringette Canada which is also on their website.



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