Additional Information Related to Public Health Measures from Nov. 24th

November 26, 2020

Effective Dates

The following is provided to address the effective dates of the most recent public health order which you can read about here and here.

There is confusion on when this order, as it applies to sport, begins and ends. 

The sport-specific restrictions begin November 27th and run for at least three weeks, which is December 18th.   

In your planning, you should not assume these restrictions are guaranteed to end December 18th. Depending on how Albertans respond, the restrictions may be extended.


Regarding the Premier’s mention of sports being permitted to apply for exemptions, which we have had more questions about today, we can confirm that these exemptions are not meant for the average sport program. 

In fact, now that written information is available, we can see the standards to obtain an exemption are exceptionally high, as one would expect with the health outcomes our province desires, and we reiterate Ringette Alberta will not be applying for an exemption. Please stay connected to one another and stay healthy.

Public Health Measures Announced by the Province November 24, 2020

November 25, 2020

Regarding yesterday’s announcement from the Premier, there will be no in-person ringette activities of any kind, in any locations in the province, permitted between Friday, November 27th and Tuesday, December 15th inclusively.

The Premier mentioned that sports may apply for an exemption, but we are almost certain that the exemptions are for high performance sport only.  If subsequent information from the Government of Alberta changes our understanding, we will let you know.

In Ringette, our high performance athletes are those on the three Alberta-based National Ringette League teams. I have been in contact with all three NRL teams over the last 10 days to seek their input on special considerations for them, as high-performance athletes. 

The majority indicated they are not interested in seeking this status and, in fact, many took steps, prior to the Nov 12 enhanced measures coming into effect, to cancel their games to reduce risk for themselves and others.  We applaud their example of leadership at such and important time.

Given what we believe is the intent of the exemption and that Alberta’s high-performance teams do not wish to seek one, Ringette Alberta will not pursue an exemption.  Instead, we will focus our attention on finding alternative ways to keep our athletes engaged, with their mental health being a priority.

Pursuit of Excellence Programming – Early Steps

Enhance your program’s effectiveness with Ringette
Alberta’s Pursuit of Excellence coaching webinars and on-ice

Ringette Alberta is hosting a series of webinars and on-ice sessions with
National Senior Team Head Coach Lorrie Horne, Red Horse Performance
Consulting President and Sport Physiologist Tara McNeil and 5-Count
Ringette Goalie Instruction’s Heather Konkin.

These experts in coaching and athlete development are presenting a highly
practical introduction to the Pursuit of Excellence program fundamentals
for coaches. These sessions will orient coaches with a simplified approach
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• A and AA coaches at U14, U16, U19 and NRL coaches
• Program Operators (coaches will be given priority access)
• Participation is optional but highly recommended.
• If you do wish to participate, session 1 must be completed, either live
or by watching the recording, prior to participating in any other
sessions (honor system in effect).

There is no cost to participate in the sessions and group check ins.
Self-initiated check-in or consultation with our experts are at their rates

Participation is optional but advance registration is mandatory.

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