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It doesn’t matter if you want to play once a week with your friends, participate in a competitive environment, or train to be the best and maybe play in the National Ringette League or on the National Team one day – we have a fit for you and we want you in the game, your game.
Would you like to give our sport a try? You are in luck! Through the support of Ringette Canada and Ringette Alberta, local associations all over Alberta host FREE Come Try Ringette events.

Learn to Skate

Learn to Skate programs are generally targeted at youth and adults who never learned to skate or would like to improve and build confidence in their skating before adding the complexities of ringette.

Intro to Ringette

Intro to Ringette Programs are targeted primarily at youth and adult participants (but can be made available for older children) who can skate but did not begin ringette as early as their peers.


In Children’s Ringette, Active Start, U10 and U12 players will learn the fundamentals of the sport and develop at their own pace in a fun and safe environment.


Flex Ringette will be the most flexible option for youth and adults.


Classic Ringette is the closest to what most ringette has looked like in the past.


The Pursuit of Excellence Program will prepare athletes for the environment they can expect within Ringette Canada’s High Performance programs, while being mindful of their stage of development.

Our News

Job Application – Ringette Alberta clinic moderator

Due to COVID restrictions, coaching and officiating clinics are being run online. There is a trained instructor who is responsible for all course material and content and a moderator who supports the technology associated with the online delivery platform. Ringette...

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Congratulations to the 2021 Scholarship Recipients!

Ringette Alberta scholarships are given out each year to ringette players who have demonstrated both strong academic performance and a commitment to the sport of ringette through active participation and involvement. These scholarships are designed to encourage...

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