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Awards and Scholarships

Ringette Alberta is excited to announce the 2023 Ringette Alberta Scholarship . 

Please join us in celebrating the deserving winners!


Celebrating Sydnie Rock!

Sydnie’s remarkable journey in the world of ringette began at the age of eight, little did she know that this decision would ignite a lifelong love affair with ringette, propelling her to incredible heights in the sport.

Beyond her accomplishments on the ice, she has become a mentor and instructor, sharing her love for ringette and helping younger players develop their skills. 

As she embarks on her educational journey with plans to pursue a career in the sciences, potentially as a pediatrician, we have no doubt that the skills and values she has gained from ringette will continue to serve her well.

Congratulations, Sydnie, on this well-deserved recognition!

Celebrating Shayla Sugden!

Shayla’s initial motivation to play ringette? Getting to play alongside her sister. Little did she know that this would mark the beginning of a lifelong love affair with the game.

Today, Shayla is proudly representing the Calgary Open Ringette Association and even contributing to the creation of a new team within CORA.

Now, as a university student pursuing a BSc in Nursing, Shayla’s ringette skills and knowledge continue to benefit her daily. 

Congratulations, Shayla, we’re excited to see your continued success in both ringette and your future endeavors!

Celebrating Kirsten Krochak!

Kirsten’s journey in ringette inspiring. Graduating as the valedictorian of her high school, while simultaneously making Team Alberta for the Canada Winter Games, is a testament to her exceptional dedication and time management skills.

Her commitment to both the sport she loves and her academic pursuits is truly commendable. 

Her aspirations include pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees in neuroscience.

Kirsten is committed to giving back to the sport and inspiring the next generation of athletes through coaching and mentoring. 

Congratulations, Kirsten, we are excited to see where the future takes you!

Celebrating Taylor Klappe!

Taylor’s journey in the world of ringette is an inspiring testament to her dedication and passion for the sport. Over eleven years, she has not only excelled as a player, but has also contributed as an official, coach, and evaluator.

Taylor recognizes the profound impact ringette has had on her life, instilling confidence, and fostering a tight-knit community that she cherishes.

As a second-year Biological Science student at the University of Calgary, Taylor is actively pursuing a career in research, particularly in women’s health. The scholarship will enable her to focus on her studies and research goals while allowing her to continue her invaluable involvement in the ringette community.

We applaud Taylor for her outstanding achievements and look forward to seeing her continued success both on and off the ice.

Ringette Alberta Scholarships

Ringette Alberta scholarships are given out each year to ringette players who have demonstrated both strong academic performance and a commitment to the sport of ringette through active participation and involvement. These scholarships are designed to encourage athletes to maintain their involvement in ringette while pursuing post-secondary studies. 

The 2023 Application is OPENFOUR scholarships of $1,500 will be awarded in 2023.  The deadline to submit is August 7th.

Ringette Canada Scholarships

The Agnes Jacks Scholarship Awards are named in honour of Mrs. Agnes Jacks who, following the untimely passing of her husband Mr. Sam Jacks (ringette’s founder), picked up the gauntlet and became a dedicated and tireless promoter of the sport. Mrs. Jacks became a well-known and well-loved figure in the ringette community and over the years became known across Canada as ringette’s “goodwill ambassador”.
This program provides a number of scholarships of $1,000 each towards post-secondary education for ringette players, coaches, and officials who demonstrate a strong commitment to the sport of ringette. The number of scholarships offered each year is determined by Ringette Canada’s Board of Directors.

Applications must be received in the Ringette Canada office no later than March 31st.

The Cara Brown Scholarship, which recognizes and rewards combined performance in elite ringette and scholastics, is awarded to registered ringette players who are actively playing ringette at the elite level (AA or at the highest level offered in the applicant’s community), who are entering a Canadian university on a full-time basis for the first time, and who combine academic excellence with a strong commitment to the sport of ringette. Starting in the 2010-2011 academic year, Cara has generously increased this scholarship to $1,000. Two annual scholarships are provided and successful applicants also receive a certificate recognizing their achievements.

Cara Brown is a ringette athlete who enjoyed a spectacular career. She played competitively in both Sudbury and Calgary, participated in seventeen Canadian Ringette Championships, served as team captain at the World Ringette Championships in 1990, 1992, and 1994, and participated in the 1998 International Summit Series in Europe.

Ringette Canada is grateful to Cara and her company, Brown Economic Consulting, for their generous support of this program.

Applications must be received in the Ringette Canada office no later than March 31st.

The 5-Count Ringette Goalie Scholarship provides two scholarships in the amount of $250 each and are awarded annually to registered players who are actively playing as a goalkeeper and the scholarships are to be used for a unique opportunity that will benefit them as a goalie, their team, and/or ringette in general. The scholarships have been made possible through the support of Keely Brown, Heather Konkin, and the program they co-own, 5-Count Ringette Goalie Instruction.

Application for a 5-Count Ringette Goalie Scholarship can be made by ringette goalies who have been a goalkeeper for the past three years. Ringette Canada will not release scholarship funds until proof that the athlete has been a goalkeeper for the past three years has been provided.

Meghan Bomford Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Presented By: Know More Hazard

Know More Hazard is proud to announce the Meghan Bomford Memorial Scholarship Award. Meghan, a passionate ringette player, daughter, sister, and friend was lost in a tragic motor vehicle accident on October 18, 2016. This Memorial bursary will be presented annually in her name to pay tribute to her memory and inspire others to contribute to the ringette community. It will be comprised of two awards, one award for $1000 and one award for $500. One award will be distributed to a candidate most closely matching the criteria in the application and a second $500 award will be distributed to an applicant via a random draw from a list of all qualified applicants.

Meghan Bomford

July 26, 1999 – October 18, 2016

Ringette Scholarships

The ringette community lost a passionate athlete and wonderful friend and daughter. Meghan Bomford of the Calgary North U19A Grit Ringette team sadly passed away on October 18th, 2016. Meghan was a feisty young woman who had a great passion for the sport of ringette. Her signature pink gloves made her recognizable anywhere she played. She was an amazing athlete, a tremendous goal scorer, and a friend to many. Meghan was that friend that you could always rely on for support and a hug or just to listen when you needed it. She had respect for and was dedicated to her friends, her sport, her team, and as a junior coach. Meghan was an amazing daughter, teammate, and friend and she will be painfully and forever missed.

Ringette Alberta Awards





Junior official of the year:

Andy Teskey began reffing in Cochrane a few years ago, and encouraged his two daughters to join him. He is known to be one of the most motivated and interested officials in his association with a true passion for the game. Someone who never fails to learn from every opportunity he is presented with. 

This past season, Andy was faced with an unfortunate on-ice injury event, he bravely stepped up to care for the athlete and proved himself to be truly heroic in his actions. I know we share the sentiments of all involved with our sincere thank you.

Congratulations Andy Teskey! 


Senior Official of the Year:

This award is given to an official that has been active more than 5 years, and demonstrates strong performance and commitment to the sport.

Brent was an integral part of the ringette community in Rockyford for many years. He was a huge fan of the sport and encouraged many girls to join over the years. He coached his daughter from a young age to U19 and then became a referee and officiated alongside her, and many others, right up until his passing. There was hardly a Rockyford Ringers home ringette game where you wouldn’t see Brent on the ice. He was a mentor to many and the Rockyford Ringette community will never be the same, but we all will forever be touched by the legacy he left behind.

Thank You Brent Melcher  (Passed away Feb 19, 2023)


Coach of the Year:

Matt Hunter was the Head Coach for the Spruce Grove U14AA Storm this past season. 

U14AA Storm improved from session 1 to session 2, winning the BGL League Championship, qualifying for Provincials and then Westerns. Coach Matt demonstrated commitment, dedication, fair play, and respect. Parents and athletes noticed improved skills and confidence on and off the ice, while setting realistic goals for the team. His desire to learn and passion for the game were obvious, as was his ability to bring the team together, overcome adversity, and inspire athletes to do their best. 

In his last 5 years as a Head Coach, Matt’s athlete return rate is 100%, and this is probably the most sought-after statistic for any good coach. 

Congratulations to Matt and to Spruce Grove Ringette for a wonderful season. 


Youth Volunteerism Award

Ringette Alberta’s Youth Volunteerism award is intended to recognize outstanding individuals under the age of 18 who have shown dedication to the sport of ringette.  

This year we have selected Dezerae Atkinson.

Dezerae is an active player and Junior Coach who helps her association wherever she can, be it tournaments, development sessions, and more. 

This year, Dezerae was the Junior coach for active start and her commitment, dedication and love of the sport was exemplary. Being part of a rural association, Dezerae is required to make a 30 minute trip to her practices, and up to an hour for games! This shows immense dedication for her active start team! But not only that, she also is an example of true ringette spirit! During the Christmas break, Dez and her mother organized a team party where Dezerae’s father dressed as Santa for the girls and Dez made each child a Christmas gift and at the season wind up, Dezerae made each child a picture frame with a cute photo with inspiring words and individualized each one to each kid. 

Thank you Dezerae for everything you add to the ringette community!

Congratulations to Dezerae Atkinson!



Ringette Excellence Award

The Ringette Excellence Award recognizes individuals, or groups, that have made significant contributions towards showcasing the popularity of the sport, and outstanding lifelong achievement as volunteers supporting and improving the sport of ringette. This year we are recognizing three valuable members of our community.


Our first recipient is Rockyford Ringette Association. 

The population of Rockyford, Alberta is somewhere in the neighbourhood of 350 people. In other words, it’s a tiny dot on the map. However, if you are a part of the ringette world in Alberta, you know where Rockyford is.

Despite being a small community, who faced increased difficulties during COVID, they have bounced back! Successfully building ringette back up in Rockyford, and expanding their teams once again. They are small, but they truly are mighty.

They have also hosted numerous come try ringette events, added and trained several new coaches, and have collaborated with other small communities to create more opportunities for athletes in their area.

Anyone who has been lucky enough to play in Rockford can see the passion for our sport from miles away. Thank you Rockyford Ringette, we see all that you do for our sport!

Pictured below, the first ever Rockyford Ringette team in 1991/92

Congratulations to Rockyford Ringette!


The second recipient is CHRIS KELLY

Chris Kelly has worn almost every volunteer hat in our sport with unwavering passion and support, yet he never takes credit for his contribution, he always redirects it to the team and athletes. 

It would be impossible to list the number of athletes he has mentored and supported, from novice, to NRL, to Team USA, to the Canada Winter Games, the list is simply too long, but what remains consistent is his motto “just have fun”.

The ringette world would simply not be the same without Chris. 

It is with great pleasure, and the overwhelming support of many, that we choose to recognize him with the Ringette Excellence Award.

Thank you Chris, for everything you have done for Ringette.

A good coach can change the game, but a great coach can change a life.

You are a great coach!

Congratulations to Chris Kelly!


The third recipient is Terry Shinkewski

Coach Terry is an assistant coach in Calgary AA and while he no longer has an athlete on the team, this has not impacted his commitment or enthusiasm for the team.

Coach Terry is known to be consistently encouraging and helpful, always finding ways to give valuable feedback in the most respectful and inspiring way. His dedication to the sport is seen through his willingness to pass on his knowledge to help athletes develop with intelligence, compassion, and wisdom. 

Coach Terry is also heralded by his team for his time and dedication specifically to the goaltenders and defensive players on his team. He consistently provides them with positive feedback, and valuable instruction.

Coach Terry, your team, and Ringette Alberta are very grateful to have you. Thank you for all you do for ringette.

Congratulations to Terry Shinkewski!


Friends of Ringette Awards:

These awards are given to recognize outstanding individuals that have shown dedication to the sport. Ringette Alberta would like to recognize 2 individuals that have done just that.

Our first recipient is Kerri McKinnon, an outstanding volunteer with the Leduc Ringette Association.

Kerri has extensive experience that has been essential to promoting the Leduc Association via social media, and elevated their tournament and provincial host runs. She has also held the position of registrar for the past 4+ years, and was the manager coordinator prior to that. During her last two years on the Leduc board, Kerri did not have a child playing for Leduc Ringette, but she remained in the position to provide continuity for the Association. 

On top of this, she continues to manage her team, provide support to other LRA board members, as well as support BMT where her daughter now plays. 

Congratulations Kerri McKinnon!


Our second recipient, Jennifer Hardie,  is an outstanding volunteer who goes above and beyond to stay involved in the sport of ringette. No matter the location, Association or event, at the mention of ringette, Jennifer will find ways to be involved. She attends games, volunteers as a minor official, supports committees for events, encourages athletes and genuinely shares her love for this sport no matter where she is. Pembina Ringette is so grateful for you!

Congratulations Jennifer Hardie!


Our third recipient is Carrie Williams, Carrie is celebrating a 40 year career (so far) in ringette from playing to coaching to sitting on ringette boards. She has coached at the AA ringette level, and is now coaching with the NW Calgary group. Carrie also serves on the NW Ringette board of directors. Further, Carrie was essential in the formation of CORA, what started as a ‘private’ team has now become a league of its own. She has been part of incredibly successful teams, both as a player and coach, winning countless tournaments, city championships and provincial championships. She devotes herself completely to the sport and will do anything for her players to make sure they are enjoying the sport and getting the most out of it possible. Ringette isn’t just a winter sport for her, it’s a 12 month job.

Congratulations Carrie Williams!


And our final recipient is Jay Pinnell, Jay has held many positions within the Medicine Hat Ringette Association (including President) and his continued support of ringette shows by his decision to become VP Admin of the Chinook Ringette League.  His enthusiasm and drive ensured the first post-COVID Regionals was a success last season.

Jay has been a wonderful addition to the Chinook Ringette League board as the VP Admin and is deserving recognition for his commitment.

Congratulations to Jay Pinnell!





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Congratulations to Ringette Alberta 2023 Scholarship Winner

Sydnie Rock!

We are thrilled to congratulation Sydnie Rock, a dedicated and passionate ringette player from Alberta, on being awarded the Ringette Alberta Scholarship for 2023.

Sydnie’s remarkable journey in the world of ringette began at the age of eight, when she reluctantly joined the sport at the urging of her cousin and friend. Little did she know that this decision would ignite a lifelong love affair with ringette, propelling her to incredible heights in the sport.

Her journey in ringette has not only been about athletic excellence but also about personal growth and community involvement. Sydnie has had the privilege of representing Alberta on high-performance teams, including competing at the Canada Winter Games and Junior Team Canada at the World Championships.

Beyond her accomplishments on the ice, she has become a mentor and instructor, sharing her love for ringette and helping younger players develop their skills. Sydnie’s passion for ringette has brought her not only success but also lifelong friendships and valuable life skills.

Sydnie’s story is a testament to the power of sports in shaping lives.

Through ringette, she has learned the importance of teamwork, communication, perseverance, and time management. As she embarks on her educational journey with plans to pursue a career in the sciences, potentially as a pediatrician, we have no doubt that the skills and values she has gained from ringette will continue to serve her well. We also applaud her commitment to giving back to the ringette community by becoming a coach, further strengthening the sport’s future.

We are proud to support Sydnie Rock’s academic and athletic pursuits through the Ringette Alberta Scholarship, and we look forward to witnessing her continued success both on and off the ice. Congratulations, Sydnie, on this well-deserved recognition, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors!