How to Register

Course registration happens in two different places, so you will need accounts on the NCCP Locker and in Ringette Canada’s coaching area. If you already have a profile on either but can’t log in, do NOT create a new account. Email Bronwen for an account reset. If you’ve tried getting a reset from the site itself, check your junk folder.

Ensure that you know what you need by viewing our Team Staff Requirements page. Statuses are: CSI TrainedCI Trained, and CI Certified.

**Course changes: if you’ve registered for a clinic but need to change the date or cancel, contact Bronwen and include the course date(s) and what you would like done.

Reimbursement: contact you local association for reimbursement. If you need a copy of your PayPal receipt, email Bronwen. We can only provide receipts for courses registered through Ringette Canada’s site, you would have to contact the NCCP Locker directly for their receipts.

How to Register for courses to become CSI Trained?



CI Trained?

CI Certified?

To register for the CI Evaluation, you must have green checkmarks beside the Comp Intro Pre-Clinic as well as the Comp Intro Clinic itself.

*If you took the old CI-1 and CI-2, email Bronwen to sort things out.


Once you request the evaluation and pay the fee, an email will be sent to Ringette Alberta who will match you with an evaluator. You will be put in touch with the evaluator who will work with you to find a practice that works for you both and make sure you have your documents together. Read through the CI Coach Evaluation Package for more details, and this detailed CI Evaluation Procedure.

You must be CI Trained before you can complete the certification process. The certification process involves presenting a Yearly Training Plan and Emergency Action Plan to an evaluator who will observe you at a practice which you must lead. Evaluators may be able to assess more than one coach during the same practice – you will make arrangements with them once you are in touch.