How to Register

Course registration happens in two different places, so you will need accounts on the NCCP Locker and in Ringette Canada’s coaching area. If you already have a profile on either but can’t log in, do NOT create a new account. Email Bronwen for an account reset.

Ensure that you know what you need by viewing our Team Staff Requirements page.

The diagram below indicates which site is used to register for each course that’s required to attain a status. It’s quite busy, but below under “General” you can see it broken out into each status. Click HERE to view the PDF version. Statuses are: CSI Trained, CI Trained, and CI Certified.

**Course changes: if you’ve registered for a clinic but need to change the date or cancel, contact Bronwen and include the course date(s) and what you would like done.

Reimbursement: contact you local association for reimbursement. If you need a copy of your PayPal receipt, email Bronwen. We can only provide receipts for courses registered through Ringette Canada’s site, you would have to contact the NCCP Locker directly for their receipts.

Each coach must have a Trained or Certified status to be approved on the roster. If you’ve checked the Team Staff Requirements page, you will know which status you require. These diagrams might be helpful for some coaches!

CSI Trained

CI Trained

CI Certified


Registration for these courses takes place either in the NCCP Locker or in the Ringette Canada coaching site. This one-page outline might be helpful. The attached tabs should walk you through the process as well.

The NCCP Locker tab will help you complete the Coach Initiation in Sport as well as the Make Ethical Decisions online evaluation (only to be done AFTER the class).

Ringette Canada’s tab will provide links to register for the Community Sport Initiation (CSI), Make Ethical Decisions (MED) Class, to begin the pre-clinic workbook for Competition Introduction (CI), register for the CI Clinic, and to start the CI Evaluation process.

The NCCP Locker is where you will go to get an NCCP# (coaching certification number).

The eLearning tab has the Coach Initiation in Sport eModule which coaches will need.

AFTER doing the MED class, coaches will check that it appears in their profile, then go to the eLearning tab and take the Make Ethical Decisions online evaluation. If the class appears in your locker, the evaluation will be FREE. DO NOT PAY the $85.

Ringette Canada’s coaching site is where you will register for the sport-specific courses, as well as our subsidized MED class. You’ll either register or go to member sign in, and in your status page, there is a section for Community Sport, Competition Introduction, and Competition Development.