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Insurance Coverage

Are you covered by RAB insurance? Not sure? Check out the insurance flow chart

Insurance Flow Chart

Activities considered to be a normal part of the Ringette season, and therefore not requiring special event sanctioning, are:

  • Sanctioned Games
  • On-ice Practices
  • Dryland Training
  • Evaluations

Activities outside the normal part of the Ringette season may apply for Off season sanctioning.  Off Season Sanction Form

Accident Claim Form

If you need to file a Sport Accident Claim Form, please download the form above, fill in all sections and return to Ringette Alberta via mail or email

Ringette Alberta
11759 Groat Rd.
Edmonton, AB
T5M 3K6

Ringette Alberta will then forward your claim to our insurance claims department.  Do not file directly with our provider.

Certificate of Insurance Request Form

If you require insurance coverage for a special event, please download the form above, fill in all sections and return to Ringette Alberta.  We will then forward your claim to our insurance provider.  Do not file directly with our provider.

Special events include:  ringette schools, camps, clinics and fundraisers.

FAQs Regarding Coverage

What coverage is provided to us through Ringette Alberta?

Ringette Alberta provides its members with $5,000,000 comprehensive sports liability coverage, along with a features rich Sports Injury Package.

What’s the difference?

No matter how careful you are, accidents happen. You or your association can be sued by anyone who claims injury or damages resulting from your operations and activities. These suits can be filed by participants, parents, members, the general public and others. Your liability policy will pay claims and all associated legal costs to defend any actions taken against you. The Sports Injury coverage provides protection for participants in your programs, in the event they sustain injury that results in the need for dental work, prescription drugs, physiotherapy ($300 maximum – $30 per visit), crutches, ambulance service, etc. In addition, there is a schedule of benefits for any participant who is more seriously injured. The primary difference between the coverages are that liability coverage implies a negligent act may have been committed, while the sports injury coverage responds when an injury occurs, without regard to any wrongdoing or negligence. A single claim may involve both coverages.

Who is covered?

All members and associations, including, but not limited to, executives, managers, coaches, trainers, officials, volunteers and participants.

What about newcomers to the sport who are not yet registered with Ringette Alberta?

Newcomers are considered to be day members of Ringette Alberta when they first come out to try the sport. As such, they are temporarily covered until such time as they formally register and become a Ringette Alberta member or decide not to participate in the sport and no longer require coverage.

Our association is thinking of conducting or hosting a skills clinic. Are we covered?

The general liability coverage of $5,000,000 protects the association, but may not extend to cover the instructors, unless they are Ringette Alberta members and have received the proper approval in writing. In order to provide the participants with Sports Injury coverage, the clinic must be sanctioned by Ringette Alberta and all participants must either be, or become, full or day members of Ringette Alberta.

Our teams would like to have a parent vs child game for their year end party. Are we covered?

No.  Family members are not registered members of Ringette Alberta therefore, are not covered by insurance.  Unfortunately, Ringette Alberta is unable to sanction events with a mix of insured and uninsured players.  Insurance becomes void for our insured players if there are uninsured family members participating.

All participants should be notified if the team decides to obtain 3rd party insurance through the facility and injury/liability related to these games are not insured by Ringette Alberta.

I have heard that as a volunteer member of our association’s executive or that of Ringette Alberta, I could be personally sued for my actions. Am I covered for this?

Yes. The policy provides Directors and Officers Liability coverage up to $2,000,000.

Suppose we have a fundraiser or social and alcohol is served. Can we be held liable for someone’s actions if they drink too much?

Suits such as these are becoming more common all the time. Your liability policy has been amended to cover this exposure, along with any other injury that might occur during the event that is due to your negligence. Permission for those events where alcohol is served must be obtained in advance from Ringette Alberta (a small charge will be levied).

How do I file an accident claim?

Claims should be initiated within 90 days of the accident. Simply fill in a claims form, attach any receipts and forward to Ringette Alberta.

Must everyone on the ice wear protective equipment such as a helmet?

Yes. The only exceptions are the coaches, trainers and other bench personnel. (Ringette Alberta’s Risk Management position is that anyone under 18 years old must wear a helmet)

Are there any other risks we should know about?

Yes. Due to changes to the Insurance Act, drivers transporting children and others can be held liable for any injuries sustained by passengers in their own vehicle, as well as those of a third party, when involved in an at fault accident. We consider this to be a major exposure and strongly recommend that you review your automobile policy liability limits for adequacy. Ringette Alberta provides no protection in this area.