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2023-2024 Clinic Information

**The 2019-2021 Rulebook has been extended to the end of the 2023/24 season, and is considered as the current Rulebook. This season is NOT a Rule-change season, HOWEVER, there is a refresher required, as there are new changes to the officiating program – called the UNIVERSAL REFRESHER.


Want to become an official? Read through for some of the main points that you might need to know!

1) Contact your association! Some associations have application processes that you need to consider. At the very least, your association needs to know that you want to ref, as they need to plan their intake (too many new refs, and no one gets games, too few and there is burnout). And the last consideration, if you want to be assigned games, your assignor needs to know you are a ref! **If you are unsure of who to contact in your association, please contact Lauren.

2) Head over to and register as an official. This website is your main profile page for Ringette Canada, and is where you can access ALL things clinics. Please create a profile.

**Currently, this Level 1 clinic is part of the new system, please be aware we are transitioning from the old version to the new one over the next few seasons.

3) Clinics will start up in September and continue on into November, with the majority of clinics attempting to be completed before or JUST after leagues are starting, and then a few later options for all those busy people out there! More information on those clinics will come out as I get them in the mid to late August.

4) Alberta hosts most of it’s Level 1 clinics in person, as there is a mandatory ice portion. You will receive a reminder of all the things that you will need for your clinic a few days before. In class – bring notepad and pencil, as well as any snacks or water you need. On-ice – wear comfortable attire, bring your skates and a helmet WITH the playing mask removed (you need to blow a whistle), a whistle(!) – handheld (ACME and FOXNHL are versions that sound better, Fox40 is a weird sound and should be avoided).


2023 is NOT a rule-change season, and the 2019-2021 rulebook is still in effect.

HOWEVER – ALL* OFFICIALS WILL BE REQUIRED TO TAKE A REFRESHER – This is a program change clinic, as the clinic structure, officials pathways, evaluation program and other changes are happening in the Officiating Program. **Officials that took the Level 1 clinic last season are not required to take a refresher.

In the fall, assignors will be asked to help identify officials that are ready for the 2/3 clinics – please note that we will be attempting to host a 2/3 as it will not be available for 1-2 seasons while being updated. If you are interested in this clinic, please reach out to your ASSIGNOR (Ringette Alberta will be asking your assignor for recommendations to this INVITE-ONLY clinic).

In order to take the 2/3 clinic, you MUST be 16 years of age, and at least 2-3 seasons of consistent and regular officiating. Please be aware that this is important, as a lot of the discussions and topics in this clinic require exposure to games on a regular bases.

2024 is expected to be a rule change year, where all officials will have to take a clinic (in-person and online options WILL be available).

*** Clinics will be posted on as soon as they are scheduled, please expect some dates announced near the end of August, with early September as the standard. CLINICS have started to be posted, more will come!