Officials Clinics

2019/2020 CLINICS

**Refresher year, all active  officials MUST attend a refresher clinic! Those that are taking a Level 1 clinic for the first time are not needing to take a refresher.

Clinics will be posted on the Officiating site AS THEY ARE CONFIRMED.

*Some associations may be taking applications for new level 1 officials, contact your association FIRST. If you are not identified by those associations with applications, Ringette Alberta will remove and refund you for the clinic. (Steps for a new official are below).

To access information on the clinics, visit If you are an existing official, you will have had to log into this page before, you will not need to create a new username. If you are looking to become a new official, you will need to create a profile. Please register to sign up for a clinic, keep in mind that clinics will be posted from August on, continuing to be posted as they come up.

**Please note that Ringette Alberta requires you to be 14 years of age by the date of the clinic if you are looking to become an new Official.

Steps to become a new official:

  • Contact your Referee in Chief to register your interest and get more information. If you are not able to find an email for your Referee in Chief on your Association’s website, please contact Lauren (email below). Some associations start applications for officials in May. Please be aware that some associations also cap the amount of new officials they take into their program.
  • Create a profile on
  • Complete an online E-Module about the basics of officiating!
  • Register for a Level 1 clinic in your area.
  • Complete payment via PayPal. Your association may reimburse you, ask your Referee in Chief.
  • Attend the clinic, be ready to learn and participate!
  • Complete the on-ice portion of the clinic, be sure to bring your whistle!! Acme Thunder’s are encouraged.
  • Take the online exam.
  • Contact your Referee in Chief to let them know you are finished your clinic. Ringette Alberta will send them a list of officials that have completed the clinics and are able to officiate, but this comes out after November 15th.
  • Take some games, build some confidence, have some fun!! Don’t forget that along the line, every year you will need to get an evaluation, ask your Referee in Chief (and for more information visit the Evaluations and Upgrades page).

Setting up a clinic:

Ringette Alberta will work in conjunction with your association to put on the clinic, ensuring that there is no cost to your association. Using our online system, we will take payment, and track who is in the clinic, as well as allocate resources. Please use the email below to contact Lauren Koster for more information.

If you are from Calgary, you are required to submit your name on a waitlist to be considered for a New Level 1 Clinic. Please do not sign up for a clinic if you are from Calgary and have not been put on the waitlist, this will result in you not being given games from Calgary. Please contact Lauren for more information if needed. Other associations like Sherwood Park, St. Albert, and Edmonton also have an application process.

For more information, please email Lauren at, including information on any clinics that your association might like to host.