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Officials Clinics

2021/2022 CLINICS

THERE WILL BE A MANDATORY REFRESHER THIS SEASON, THIS IS A REQUIREMENT FROM RINGETTE CANADA. More information will come over the summer, but details are not yet known.

Clinics this season will either run online or in person, depending on the clinic. Expect Level 1 clinics and the 2/3 clinics to be run in person. MORE information will follow as resources become available.



It is essential that you contact your association to register your intent to officiate. Local associations are the group that assign you games, and if they aren’t aware that you intend to officiate, they might not have space for you to officiate games. Some associations have an intake or application process, these can open as early as May, months before the start of the season. If you are not sure who to contact in your association, email Lauren Koster and she will connect you with your association Referee In Chief or Assignor.

Once you have connected with your association, Level 1 clinics will open for registration in September typically. Clinics for the Level 1s will be in person, with a component on ice. There is a pre-module that you will also need to complete. All new officials need to create a profile on www.officiatingringette.ca, this is where the pre-module is located, where clinics can be found to register, as well as the test that is needed to complete the clinic. Each clinic will receive reminders prior to the clinic, making sure you are aware of what materials might be needed (skates, for example).

After the clinic, new officials will need to let their associations know they completed the clinic. Ringette Alberta will send lists to the associations, but typically more towards the end of all the clinics.

If you have any questions on officiating, please email Lauren at lauren@ringettealberta.com.