Universal Athlete Assessment

  • All associations offering U10, U12 and U14 programs (including U14AA) are required to conduct UAA testing
  • The how to video produced by Ringette Alberta in 2015 includes a passing and shooting test.  These tests are no longer being used.
  • The butterfly drill is to be used for U12 and U14 only.  Do not use this for U10
  • Associations…
    • DO read the FAQs below
    • DO conduct all your athlete testing between September 5 and 17
    • DO submit testing data for every U10, U12 and U14 player (excluding goaltenders) within your association to the Ringette Alberta office no later than September 20
    • DO start to complete the spreadsheet as soon as data is collected.
    • DO NOT wait until all data in your association is collected before starting to fill in the spreadsheet.
    • DO NOT alter the spreadsheet in any way other than entering the data required
    • Enter raw data only.


Frequently Asked Questions

Tiering Policy

The tiering policy reflects the use of UAA results. This policy, and all Ringette Alberta policies, may be found here.


Many of you have contacted Ringette Alberta looking for more guidance on whether or not to form balanced teams or teams at different levels within your association using UAA data.

To assist you, the data submission spreadsheet to provide you a tentative or possible team level.
With data entered, the spreadsheet will provide an indication of a “Tentative Level”. You will see…

At U10 At U12 At U14
2 C C
2/3 B B
3 A A

CAUTION: The “Tentative Level” indicated on the spreadsheet is only to be used as one tool to help you with team formation.
Because individual performance changes from season to season, there is no guarantee the tentative level on the spreadsheet will be the same as the final level once all the data has been submitted and assessed. The tentative level is only a guide.