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Learn to Skate

Learn to Skate programs are generally targeted at youth and adults who never learned or would like to improve their skating and build confidence before adding the complexities of a regular ringette program.

Learning to skate is generally part of Children’s Ringette provided those participants start at about 5-6 years of age. For children who start skating later, a learn to skate program separate from ringette (may still be run by a ringette association) may be the better entry point.

Participants with no previous skating experience but older (around the ages of 9-11) are encouraged to complete a basic skating program before joining ringette.

Each community will have different approaches to delivering learn to skate programs. You should contact your local association for more information. You may also want to check out a CanSkate program in your area. CanSkate is recognized as one, if not the best, learn to skate program in the country.

Generally, Learn to Skate programs lead into Intro to Ringette programs and these lead into Flex or Classic Ringette. To see how these and all the other programs relate to one another, check out the Find Your Ringette page.