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Hosting a Come Try Ringette Event

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For information on attending a Come Try Ringette Event as a new player – Please visit the Come Try page.


Hosting Information

Please read through the information before applying to host an event for your Association.

You will need to complete the application before your event is approved.



There are certain timelines that you need to be aware of while hosting a Come Try event. Click here to view a sample timeline

Make sure that you are applying for your event AT LEAST six (6) weeks ahead of your planned date. Not only do we want to make sure there aren’t 2 similarly located events at the same time, but there are also materials to source, but in order for a more successful event, more marketing time is also recommended. The other key parts of that timeline are REPORTING (each event needs to send in a report of registration), as well as suggested POST EVENT communication (keep them interested!)

Hosts, please consider your Come Try events in April and August, these will be the couple months where Ringette Alberta is really able to help you promote your event, as well as they are targeted times for MAX registration. Don’t worry, if you are hosting an event outside of these months, everything still applies (the only downside is materials are not as available, and RAB will not be running targeted marketing as readily). 

Facilitator Training

All Come Try Ringette organizers must complete the online training before their event is approved.

The purpose of the online training course is to ensure Come Try Ringette best practices are being used across the country in order to maximize the effectiveness of these events. The intent is that every Come Try Ringette event will be lead by someone who is CTR “certified”. A certificate of completion is issued at the end of the course. Please submit this certificate via email to

INSTRUCTIONS TO ACCESS THE COURSE – The course can be accessed at the following website – In order to register for the course you will need to either login with your Sport for Life Campus account information or create a new account. Once you have logged into the account, you will find the list of available courses under the “Online Courses” tab. *NCCP #s are NOT required, you do NOT have to input that information to access the content.  Reminder – once complete, email to


The Come Try Ringette manual has been updated for Feb 2020. Click here to view and download the manual (English).

Information found in this manual are: Branding and Resources, Timelines, How to Promote, Booth set up and Professionalism, How to Run Event, and On-Ice Program


Best Practices

Here’s some tips and hints that have worked for a variety of Associations, they might work for you too!

  • Distribute promotional materials at local community centres and schools to get the word out about your event
  • Contact registrants leading up to the event to answer any questions and confirm their attendance
  • Host a parent information session at the event and have association board members or coaches available to walk around and answer questions
  • Use the registration sheet to track attendance, or similar
  • Follow-up with registrants after the event; provide ‘next steps’ with registration dates/forms, local camp information, or other CTR event dates

Coming soon!


Applying to Host Your Event

Information needed for the application

Be ready to have this information for the application ready:

Contact Information: Contact name, phone number

Training Information: Complete training and email to (only applies if you haven’t completed it yet)

Mailing Address for Materials: Full mailing address with postal code is needed. Pickups are preferred, when possible

Event Information: Date, times, location address with postal code, max number of participants

Event Description: Please let registrants know about your event, don’t be TOO brief, get them all the information they might need!

Example of Event Description:

_______ is pleased to host Come Try Ringette to introduce participants and parents to the incredible sport of ringette. Ringette is loved by many for its focus on players being included on a team as a primary measure of success. Technical skating and game play skills are developed gradually through fun practices, dedicated volunteer coaches, and adequate ice time.

Who should come:

  • This event is open to participants ages 10-14 years old who want to have fun on ice!
  • Individuals and their friend(s) who are curious about ringette.
  • No experience in ringette or skating is necessary – the perfect age to start ringette is the age you are right now!

What should your athlete bring/wear? ·

  • We are pleased to be able to offer the free use of skates and helmets thanks to the KidSport mobile skate shack.
  • Please arrive at least 30 mins before the ice time if you need to borrow any equipment

Minimum equipment requirements:

  • Gloves (Hockey/Ringette/Lacrosse gloves or winter mittens) – bring your own as these will not be available to borrow
  • Helmet (skating or skiing helmets only, no bike helmets) – bring your own or available to borrow
  • Skates – bring your own or available to borrow
  • Ringette Stick – bring your own or available to borrow

Additional equipment optional

  • Neck guard
  • Elbow pads
  • Knee / Shin pads
  • Ringette girdle / Hockey pants

Questions? Please contact ______________


Applications should be submitted no later that 6 weeks before your event date.

Ringette Alberta will receive your request, if there are any missing pieces or information, you will be emailed directly. In most cases, within 48 hours, your event will be posted on the Events page on the Come Try Website, confirmation of this will also be given with a event in Basecamp. Basecamp is used by all the current Come Try directors from the Associations, where resources are posted, communication is available between Associations, and information is shared, Basecamp is also where this event is posted as a reminder that Registration for your event is now OPEN on the Events page on the Come Try Website. Marketing resources for your event will be sent and communicated via Basecamp.

Ringette Alberta will send out, or have materials ready for pick up the week before your event, unless otherwise communicated. This allows us to look at the registration numbers, print you that sheet, and send out materials that leaves you with some extras (for late registrants), but not too many extras. Reports currently are only accessible through Ringette Alberta, and will be sent to you before the events.

*Please note, with the switch to RAMP, there may be a few changes to the process, those will be communicated. This includes; creating reports for the event, different post-event reporting abilities.

Tracking Registration

Ringette Alberta will assist with registration reports before the event (at least for now, until the new system is able to)

RSVPs: When a participant registers for your event, you will get an email copy of that, and will give you enough of the information that you will need to also be in tune with your numbers outside of any report sent. There should be a reporting feature available to you in the future.

During the event

During your event – Please use the Practice plans and resources available above.

Post Event Reporting - MANDATORY

Post event – ALL Come Try events MUST submit a Post-event report directly to Ringette Alberta, Ringette Alberta then communicates those numbers to Ringette Canada. Come Try Ringette is a Ringette Canada program, and materials and supplies are dictated by previous years events and reporting, this is essential. Post- event reports simply need to include information including: participant name, contact information, and registration information. A simple template can be found here – CTR Registration Spreadsheet – Post Event Report.