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Hosting a Come Try Ringette Event


When should I apply for my event? When do I follow-up? Click here to see a general timeline for preparing for an event.

*** Ringette Alberta is asking that associations attempt to book their events in APRIL and AUGUST, this will allow us to help you market your event and give you resources. Events outside these months will still be considered, but might not have the same capacity for marketing and resources.

Come Try Ringette Website

This is where all events are listed and registration is taken.

Come Try Ringette Facilitator Training

All Come Try Ringette organizers must complete the online training before their event is approved. Details about this training are below.

Come Try Ringette Manual

The Come Try Ringette manual has been updated for Feb 2020. Click here to view and download the manual (English).

More Questions?

FAQs can be found at the bottom of this page.

Applying to Host Your Event

Click the button below to fill out the application form! Once your form is received and approved, you will start to receive the RSVPs directly, and RAB will confirm this with a Basecamp post.

Come Try Ringette Host Application

Come Try Ringette Training


The purpose of the online training course is to ensure Come Try Ringette best practices are being used across the country in order to maximize the effectiveness of these events. The intent is that every Come Try Ringette event will be lead by someone who is CTR “certified”. A certificate of completion is issued at the end of the course. Please submit this certificate via email to


The course can be accessed at the following website –

In order to register for the course you will need to either login with your Sport for Life Campus account information or create a new account.

Once you have logged into the account, you will find the list of available courses under the “Online Courses” tab.

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Best Practices
  • Distribute promotional materials at local community centres and schools to get the word out about your event
  • Contact registrants leading up to the event to answer any questions and confirm their attendance
  • Host a parent information session at the event and have association board members or coaches available to walk around and answer questions.
  • Use the registration sheet to track attendance. The sheet will be emailed to you when your event is approved.
  • Follow-up with registrants after the event; provide ‘next steps’ with registration dates/forms, local camp information, or other CTR event dates.
Registration Spreadsheet

Use the registration spreadsheet to track attendance. The sheet will be emailed to you when your event is approved. Please note the registration format shown in the sample must be used when you submit your final numbers.

Everyone who goes on the ice during the event needs to be on the registration spreadsheet. Those who are already registered ringette players should be marked as such and new players should be indicated. You will be asked to email your registration spreadsheet the week after your event. This information is used to determine how many people attended each event and later registered for the ringette season.

Volunteers should be listed as “on-ice” or “off-ice” volunteer and no contact information is required.

After your event, you will be asked to submit a short feedback form.

The scorecard highlights the best practices and lets us see if we are running high-quality events. Combined with your conversion rate, we can see where we may need to provide more information or resources to help you achieve your recruitment targets.

Timelines – when should you start planning your event? What do you need to do to prepare?

Sample Registration Spreadsheet – all of the info on this sheet must be collected and emailed to the Sport Development Coordinator as part of your event follow-up.

Ringette Canada Come Try Ringette poster