Hosting a Come Try Ringette Event

This is an important step in the overall recruitment process

Ringette Alberta requires associations to apply to host events.

Click below to see details about recruitment team, volunteers, equipment, and promo materials

To properly promote and plan your event we as you apply at least 6 weeks in advance.

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Come Try Ringette website

This is where all registration for events across Canada is hosted. The website provides a centralized location where all events in Alberta (and elsewhere) are listed and provides basic information about the game of ringette. Once your event is approved and scheduled, the link to register on this site will be available.

Applying to Host Your Event

Click the button below to fill out the application form! Once your form is received and approved, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Other Info
• Distribute promotional materials at local community centres and schools to get the word out about your event
• Contact registrants leading up to the event to answer any questions and confirm their attendance
• Use the registration sheet to track attendance. The sheet will be emailed to you when your event is approved.
•Follow-up with registrants after the event; provide ‘next steps’ with registration dates/forms, local camp information, or other CTR event dates.
The Recruitment Team is made up of experienced female ringette players who are trained to lead the on-ice portion of Come Try Ringette events. We currently have team members based in the Edmonton area, Red Deer, and Calgary. You may request the recruitment team attend your ice session, however, they will only be made available to events which have 10 or more registrants 3 weeks before the event date. The team will bring a CTR Display, branded table cloth for the check-in table, and fun!

Use the registration spreadsheet to track attendance. The sheet will be emailed to you when your event is approved. Please note the registration format shown in the sample must be used when you submit your final numbers.

You will be asked to email your registration spreadsheet the week after your event. This information is used to determine how many people attended each event and later registered for the ringette season.

After your event, you will be asked to submit a score card. Click here to view the scorecard outline so you know what is being asked.

The scorecard highlights the best practices and let’s us see if we are running high quality events. Combined with your conversion rate, we can see where we may need to provide more information or resources to help you achieve your recruitment targets.