Hosting a Come Try Ringette Event

Hosting a  Come Try Ringette event is an important step in the overall recruitment process for our sport.

Ringette Alberta requires associations to apply for events.  To properly promote and plan your event, we ask that you apply for your event at least 6 weeks in advance.

Click here for details about the recruitment team, volunteers, equipment required, and promo materials. 

Come Try Ringette Website

(Visit the site)

This is where all registration happens across Canada. It provides a centralized location where all events in Alberta are be listed, and provides basic information on the game of ringette. Once your event is approved and scheduled, the link to register on this site will be available.

How to apply for to host an event:

Click here to fill out the updated application form! Once your form is received and approved, you will receive a confirmation email and further instructions.

The week after the event, send your registration spreadsheet, scorecard, and photos to You will also have to provide the number of people who attended your event and who later registered for ringette in the next season (conversion rate). Please note if you do not follow up with the reports, future events will not be approved.

Best practices:
  • Distribute promotional materials at local community centres and schools to get the word out about your event
  • Contact registrants leading up to the event to answer any questions and confirm their attendance
  • Use the registration sheet to track attendance. The sheet will be emailed to you when your event is approved.  (Please note the registration format shown in the sample must be used when you submit your final numbers.)
  • After your event, you will need to submit a scorecard. Click here to see a sample scorecard so you know what is expected to make your event great!
  • Follow-up with registrants after the event; provide ‘next steps’ with registration dates/forms, local camp information, or other CTR event dates. (You may find this FAQ Template helpful in providing information to prospective players!)
  • Have an integrated recruitment plan. How many events will you run per year? How many attendees do you expect to have? How many new players does your association need to remain sustainable? How many new players can your association reasonably support?



Ringette Alberta Recruitment Team (subject to availability):
The Recruitment Team is made up of experienced female ringette players who are trained to lead the on-ice portion of Come Try Ringette events. We currently have team members based in the Edmonton area, Red Deer, and Calgary. You may request the recruitment team attend your ice session, however, they will only be made available to events which have 10 or more registrants 3 weeks before the event date. The team will bring a CTR Display, branded table cloth for the check-in table, and fun!


Event Items (available for events by booking)

Upon request, Ringette Alberta can send you a 3-panel display and additional giveaway items. Please contact Robyn for more info. 

Our hope is for Ringette Alberta to forge strong partnerships with our local associations that result in additional growth in the sport of ringette as well as strong ringette programs across our province.

Please contact Robyn Gillespie, for more information pertaining to running a Come Try Ringette event or the resources we provide. She can also be reached at 780-415-1750.