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Bylaws and Policies


 1.0 Administration Policy Updated November 3, 2017
2.0 Registration Policy Updated September 16th, 2023
3.0 Residency Policy Updated August 26, 2021
4.0 Tiering Policy Updated July 4th, 2022
5.0 Player Affiliation Policy Updated  September 16th, 2023
7.0-Over Age-Player-Policy Updated November 3, 2017
8.0-Team-Advance-Retreat-Policy Updated November 3, 2017
9.0 Open Ringette Policy Updated August 26, 2021
10.0 Team Staff Policy Updated September 16, 2023
11.0 Officiating Policy Updated September 16, 2023
12.0 Event Sanctioning Policy Updated January 26, 2020
13.0 Out of Province Competitions Policy Updated November 3, 2017
15.0 Suspension Policy Subsequent Discipline Updated June 15, 2019
17.0 Conflict of Interest Policy Updated November 3, 2017
18.0 Confidentiality Policy Updated November 3, 2017
19.0 Screening Policy Updated November 3, 2017
21.0 Competitions Policy Updated September 16, 2023
22.0 Committees Policy Updated November 3, 2017
23.0 Policy Development Policy Updated November 3, 2017
24.0 Goaltender Development Policy Updated November 3, 2017 Group Member Goaltender Development Policy – NEW – August 26, 2021 (will be combined with 24.0)

25.0 Transgender Inclusion Policy  Updated April 12, 2022

26.0 Ringette Alberta Programs – Athlete Selection Policy

27.0 Governance Policy – NEW – February 25, 2023

28.0 Membership Policy – NEW – February 25, 2023

Equal Opportunity for Participation Guidelines (applicable to Ringette Alberta, its Members and Participants)

Safe Sport Policies



Ringette Alberta abides by the Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport (UCCMS) and the True Sport principles to guide the organization and our members in ensuring the safety and well-being of those associated with the sport of Ringette.

At the July 2023 meeting, the Ringette Alberta Board of Directors approved adopting Ringette Canada Safe Sport Policy content for Ringette Alberta, and adding any province-specific processes as required.

Find new and updated Safe Sport Policies Below. 

Additional Policies will be added as they are approved.


Ringette Alberta Statement on Safe Sport Policies

Dispute Resolution Policy

Discipline and Complaints Policy

Code of Conduct Policy

Appeal Policy

Reciprocation Policy




Technical Regulations

U14-U19 Session 3 Technical Manual (Chinook & Black Gold Leagues) Updated February 2, 2023 (added clause M.1.c)
Provincial Championships Technical Manual  (minor update February 28, 2023 – Section N)

Team Staff Code of Conduct
Group Member Operations Policy

7 Required Policies – In order to assist our members with compliance of the Group Member Operations Policy, Ringette Alberta is providing templates for the 7 required policies. Please feel free to customize these templates for your local association.

1. Screening Policy
2. Appeal Policy
3. Code of Conduct Policy
4. Privacy Policy*
5. Discipline and Complaints Policy
6. Confidentiality Policy*
7. Conflict of Interest Policy

*May be combined or separate.

Social and Electronic Communications Media Policy

Ringette Alberta is in alignment with Ringette Canada with respects to the proper use of social media and electronic communications.

See the Ringette Canada Social and Electronic Communications Media Policy Here

Bylaws, Policies, Regulations