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Our Foundation





Our Mission:

Ringette Alberta will achieve our Vision by:

Demonstrating effective leadership and good governance.

Providing high quality programs and services to member associations.

Partnering with our members to achieve excellence.

Marketing to make Ringette the #1 sport choice for female athletes.

Co-operation to achieve common goals: Competition on the Ice, Co-operation off the Ice.

Principles & Values:

Ringette Alberta is a proud member of True Sport and wholeheartedly support the True Sport Principles

Ringette Alberta has also defined the following core business values to manage the Association.


We respect the rules.

We are accountable for our actions. 

We are committed to making fair and ethical decisions for our sport.



We welcome and appreciate different perspectives.

We focus on creating an optimal experience for all participants.



We lead the way.

We ensure high quality in all that we do.

We learn from our experiences and commit to continuously improve.

2023-2028 Ringette in Alberta Strategic Plan




Context: Ringette Alberta wants all of our athletes to experience the game the way they want and pursue their own definition of success. This focus on the athlete will contribute to the athlete successfully completing the cycle of entry, exit, and re-entry as well as contributing to improved opportunities for sponsorship, increased ice allocation, and competitive equity.

Goal Statement(s): To help athletes improve their performance, reduce their risk of injury, increase their chances of success, and inspire a lifelong love of Ringette.

Objective: Promote clear participation pathways with options that are focused on developing the specific skills and techniques required for the athlete’s sport, position, and level of competition


· Implement recommendations from Ringette Canada’s Competition Review and Restructuring Project.

· Effectively place athletes to enhance the athletes experience through effective utilization of policies, guidelines, and regulations

· Provide high quality, age and level appropriate video and text guidelines on training and competition

· Increase opportunities for cross-training through off-ice activities

Objective: Create an awareness program of maltreatment of athletes and participants in sport.


Objective: Keep athletes transitioning into the final stage of LTAD, Advice for Life to become the next generation of volunteers, coaches, and officials as they are critical for recruiting new athletes


· Increase adult participation

Objective: Provide Members with tools and support to obtain sufficient ice.


· Seek innovative ways to increase ice access.

· Lobby governments to create fair and equitable allotment for all ice users.


Key Performance Indicators

· Retention rates of athletes participating in ringette

· RAB athlete participation in CWG, WCRC, CRC’s and International Play

Develop Coaches

Develop Coaches

Context: Ringette Alberta believes that the role of the coach is more than just someone who runs drills and opens gates. The coach is vital component for athletes who succeed and attain their goals. RAB promotes an athlete-centric coaching model and discourages coach-centric models.

Goal Statement: To ensure that coaches are equipped to help athletes achieve their goals and that coaches are meeting expectations.

Objective: Identify and Recruit talented coaches for RAB programming (for teams across Alberta)


● Partner with Associations to recruit and develop a diverse range of coaches.

● Develop a quality intake and orientation process including established formal and

level-appropriate expectations for Associations to use.

● Encourage more females to assume leadership roles, including coaching.


Objective: Provide enhanced education, assessment, and mentorship


· Celebrate coaches who have a positive impact and inspire their athletes.

· Create an awareness program of maltreatment that includes coaches in sport.


Performance Indicators:

· Results from coaches’ engagement survey

· Retention and recruitment rate for coaches

· Reduction in number of provincial level Code of Conduct complaints

Develop Officials

Context: Without our officials (referees), all we have is practice. Athletes, parents, and coaches are also our officials.

Goal Statement: To ensure we have a sufficient pool of qualified officials at various levels to help improve the game experience.


Objective: To enable Local Associations to implement effective Recruitment, Retention, and Mentoring of officials


● Develop tools for local Associations on how to recruit, retain, and mentor officials.

● Assist Ringette Canada in developing the training requirements for official training at each level.

● Create an early talent identification program to develop officials.



Objective: To increase retention of officials by reducing abuse of officials


· Develop a Respect our Officials Program as a supplement to our Code of Conduct specific to officials.

· Develop and implement a communication plan to educate stakeholders about what is expected of officials (ie. fair and appropriate) for their stage of development



Key Performance Indicators

● Results from officials’ engagement survey

● Retention and growth rate for officials

● Reduction in number of provincial level Code of Conduct complaints

Support Organizational Excellence Through Good Governance and Alignment

Context: Alberta is a leader in ringette in Canada and sport in Alberta. Ringette Alberta is a private, non-for-profit, non-representative, governance Board. As a non-representative Board, our primary accountability is to our guiding principles. This is a fundamental tenant of non-representative Boards like RAB.

Goal Statement: While it is important for the Board to consider the perspectives of members and stakeholders, the Board must ultimately make decisions that are in the best interest of the organization as a whole.

Objective: To promote alignment between all three jurisdictions of Ringette


· Align RAB’s policies and regulations to be consistent with Ringette Canada.

· Align RAB’s work with Ringette Canada Competition Review and supporting documents.

· Promote alignment of our policies with local Associations.

· Provide tools for volunteer Association Boards to reduce administrative effort.

· In partnership with Ringette Canada, develop and implement a club/Association Licensing Program



Objective: To implement sound governance practises focussed on Board Responsibilities.


· Continue to develop and refine RAB Board of Directors’ recruitment strategy and retain qualified Board members.

· Develop and maintain a Risk Registry.

· Review our policies on a bi-annual basis to maintain currency.

· Determine and develop mechanisms to collect information to support decision-making.

· Enable long-term financial sustainability through strong financial accounting, responsible cost management, and revenue generation.

· Support Ringette Alberta staff to be successful in their roles.


Sound governance tactics are in the Board of Directors domain except long-term financial sustainability tactics which also have requirements from staff as shown below


Key Performance Indicators

● Percentage of revenue allocated to reserves

● Increase in subscriptions for ringette newsletter

● Percentage of total costs related to complaint resolution

Grow the Sport and Foster the Culture of Ringette

Context: Ringette’s culture of shared values across Associations and members is based on a passion for the sport and, as a result, attrition is minimized (loss of the athlete) of existing athletes and recruitment of new athletes increases.

Goal Statement:

Ringette strives to be accessible and welcoming to all athletes and to provide volunteers with rewarding experiences.

Objective: To provide a high-quality and enjoyable experience as a first impression that encourages registration in a local Association.


· Optimize use of the Come Try Ringette Program.

· Diversify participation by actively recruiting visible minorities, Indigenous communities, and newcomers to Canada: RAB will assist stakeholders to introduce new people to our sport.

· Improve ringette’s accessibility for all by examining the cost to participate: To enable athletes to choose their participation context because of its offerings instead of its cost.


Objective: To recruit and maintain enthusiastic volunteers across the province through rewarding and positive experiences.


● Utilize a wide range of communication tools to celebrate the efforts and achievements of athletes, teams, and volunteers.

● Develop and provide educational programs for parents and volunteers to increase knowledge and appreciation of the game.

● Develop and maintain a Communication Plan with members and volunteers for enhanced engagement and support.


Objective: To Create an Abuse Awareness Program with a gendered Lens


Key Performance Indicators

● Growth in the number of athletes participating in ringette

● Increased social media engagement

● Increased recruitment and retention of volunteers within Associations