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Thank you to all of our Officiating Development people who volunteer their time and skills to their association, each association has at least one person in this role, and sometimes multiple people! Whatever your association is set up like, here is a spot where Referee-In-Chiefs/Assignors (and all others) can find some information on the roles, helpful suggestions, timelines, and links.

RIC PRE-Season Guide

RIC IN-Season Guide

RIC POST-Season Guide


Other resources that may be needed:

RAB Officials Registration Information

RAB RIC Tournament Guidelines – 2023

Match/Misconducts – If an official has called a Match/Misconduct, have them fill out a form PROMPTLY to Ringette Alberta using THIS LINK (In Tournaments, ask the official to complete the form and give you the copy that is sent back to them – you will need a copy in tournament, and Ringette Alberta will need after the tournament)