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Officials Resources

Officials Ressources

Official education is never-ending, each official starts with an e-module and clinic before they hit the ice to translate what they learned in the clinics into real-life practice, then they continue their development with evaluations, clinics, exams, refreshers, and programs. On this page, Ringette Alberta will be posting information that supplements their learning, as well as documents that have been created to inform others of official’s development.



If you have any questions on these resources, please contact the Officials Development Coordinator.

For the 2019-2021 Rule Book (which is still current, until fall 2024), please visit Ringette Canada’s website. For another version that is searchable, please use this from the Ringette Calgary website.

First Stripes - A Pre-Level Officiating Program for Half-Ice Ringette

First Stripes is an OPTIONAL Officiating Program for Half-Ice Ringette. In this section, Ringette Alberta will share the resources for this program – Please note that this program is newly developed and being piloted this season, and following the end of the season there will be a review period.

This Program includes:

  • First Stripes – A Pre-Level Officiating Program Manual
    • A manual with all the information an official will need to know for the program.
  • An Intake Test
    • This test is required for new officials entering this program.
    • Complete this test, pass, and the application is sent to the association.
  • Gamecard
    • A gamecard will be used before every game, has roles and responsibilities, as well as positioning and pre-game reminders, and MAINLY a statement for both coaches to agree and sign off on.
    • **Gamecard shown at the bottom of the page. 
  • Post-Game Reporting
    • On the gamecard, there is a QR code that will bring the officials to a form where they can comment on the game. Ringette Alberta and associations running the program will be aware of this information. It is meant to monitor the program, but also celebrate it.
    • First Stripes Program – Post Game Report – Google Form
  • Association Documents –
  • Coaching Document –
  • Spectator Pamphlet – COMING SOON
    • A quick notes version of the program, focusing on education for parents watching these levels
      • ALL the documents (Associations, Coaches, Spectator) are meant for education, consistency, and clarity reasons.
  • Children’s Ringette Guide – MAY 2023
    • While NOT part of this program, this is the rules takeaway document, meant to help coaches with the rules at half-ice and with consistency for athletes at this level.


August 2023 version of the gamecard –