CI Evaluation Procedure

For your Competition Introduction On-Ice certification:

CI Coach Evaluation Package

1. Evaluations are requested online through

2A. If you already have a profile created, with your Competition Introduction clinics and MED-CI listed, you can log in and request an evaluation. Click the “begin” button (step 5) under Competition Introduction. If either clinics or MED is missing, please email

(Due to a glitch, coaches are currently not able to access the CI-MED without a fee if they have completed the CSI-MED without the generic Make Ethical Decisions module. Please email if you have completed your CSI-MED)

2B. If you do not have a profile, create a new username and password, and email to have your certifications entered into the system. You will then be able to request an evaluation.

3. Payment will be prompted at the time of the Evaluation Request, hold on to your Paypal receipt to submit to your association for reimbursement.

4. Once requested, you will be assigned an evaluator in your area, and you will be contacted by the evaluator to set up a time for your practice evaluation.

5.  Send your practice plan and emergency action plan email to the evaluator at least one week in advance of your practice so it can be reviewed and corrections can be made prior to the one ice evaluation. Failure to meet the minimum standards for these components of the evaluation results in the candidate having to resubmit, so it is important to have this looked over in advance.

6. Your practice plan needs to follow the outline and categories discussed in the course.  It must also include a scenario analysis either from the list in the evaluation package or one unique to the team you are coaching. Identify the problem and indicate the drills and procedure you would use to correct the problem. This is a key component of the on ice presentation and evaluation.

7.  Make sure you have the evaluation package that was given to you with your course material, or download above. Read the evaluation pages as these are the things you will be evaluated on. The evaluator will be filling out these pages when you meet for the on ice evaluation so make sure to bring them along.

For the on ice evaluation, you need to do the following:

  1. Be prepared to meet with the evaluator 30 minutes prior to the ice time.  Ensure you bring:
    a.       The practice plan you will use that day complete with scenario analysis
    b.       Emergency Action Plan
    c.       Candidate self assessment sheet (Page 18)
  2. Present and run a minimum 50 minute practice for the team you are coaching or comparable level athletes.

Allow 30-40 minutes for the post ice time meeting.  The evaluator will go over:

  1. The coaching behavior and observation forms
  2. Strengths and weaknesses of your presentation
  3. Identify areas that have not met the minimum requirements and discuss the corrections that need to be made prior receiving certification

You will then fill out the appropriate forms that must be sent to Ringette Alberta to proceed with your certification. Ringette Alberta must receive page 7, 9, 11, 14, & 15, as well as the $80 payment before certification will be awarded.

For Seasonal Plan Certification (part of the CI Evaluation process):

(This can be done at the same time your CI evaluation is done.)

Read the CI Coach Evaluation Package Page 15 which was part of your course materials.  Bring the package with you as it needs to be completed by the evaluator.

You will need to:

  1. Bring seasonal plan and workbook you completed in the CI Course
  2. Be prepared to demonstrate how the practice you are being evaluated on ice for fits into your seasonal plan

Once completed, submit Pages: 11, 14, 16 & 17 to Ringette Alberta, please email a clearly legible copy when submitting.  It is a good idea retain all the pages of the Evaluation for your own records. Ringette Alberta does not require your EAP, Practice or Season Plan to be submitted. 

For Ethics certification:

Ethics certification is now a required component of the coaching requirements.  To become Make Ethical Decisions certified, you must complete:

Make Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation: Competition – Introduction at the CAC website.

You will need your CC# (aka. NCCP#) and password for this.  If you do not currently have your password you will need to contact the CAC to receive it.  They can be reached at (613) 235-5000 or

When you have completed CI Training and Evaluation as well as MED- Competition Introduction, you will be granted CI Certified status.