RAB Awards 2019

The 2019 Ringette Alberta awards were presented at a luncheon at the AGM last month. These awards recognise individuals who make significant contributions to ringette in their communities.

Junior Official of the Year: Paige Armstrong

This award is given to an official who demonstrates a strong performance and commitment to the sport.

Our Junior Official of the Year accepted an invitation to participate in our Officials Development program, dedicating her time to work with a Mentor to strengthen her officiating skills and application of the rule book. She was assigned to higher caliber games as the season progressed, which was meant to challenge her knowledge and capability to process the play. She consistently demonstrated the ability to rise to each level of play, calling a fair game and maintaining her composure, no matter the circumstance.

Our Junior Official of the Year displays key attributes of a successful official; she’s inquisitive, calm, and implements the feedback she’s given. She is a great addition and member of our Officials association, and will hopefully continue to hone her skills to take on future officiating opportunities.

Coach of the Year: Kami Makar

The Coach of the Year award goes to a coach who promotes a positive public image for coaching in the sport, shows respect to officials, opponents, players and parents, and reinforces a philosophy of fair play.

Kami Makar began coaching as most others do.  Her daughter signed up at a Come Try Ringette event and the team needed a coach.  She did not hesitate, despite very little previous ringette experience.  Over the years, she increased her level of involvement by head coaching and stepping forward to become the Director of Coaching for the Lethbridge Ringette Association.

Kami transformed the landscape for coaches in Lethbridge by organizing free full-day coaching clinics and expanding the LRA Junior Coach program from zero to at least one per team.

To add to her Coach resume, Kami initiated a “ringette in the schools” program in Lethbridge, where she recruited active LRA athletes and U of L kinesiology students to assist. She found time to personally teach the initial ringette gym classes and facilitated or events in the school community.

Her ringette resume is endless, and the letters of support received from coaches and players were inspiring.


Ringette Excellence Award: Julien Gignac

Our first Ringette Excellence award recipient has 25+ years of experience coaching, mentoring, volunteering, and filling many executive roles in the Fort Saskatchewan Ringette Association.  In addition, he is very dedicated to the development of players and coaches in our Association and across the province.

Julien Gignac is a passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated volunteer with the FSRA Coaching team.  He mentors his own coaching staff and coaches throughout the FSRA on skill and player development, drills, practice structure, and in-game tactics. He also mentors Officials within the the Fort Saskatchewan Ringette Association and provides them with useful feedback.

Julien has now impacted 2+ generations of athletes and parents within the Fort Saskatchewan Ringette Association.  He coached his own children and is now coaching his granddaughter.

The Fort Saskatchewan Ringette Association feels very grateful to have such a dedicated, knowledgeable volunteer, coach, and mentor.

Ringette Excellence Award: Janice Tymkow

The next Ringette Excellence award recipient had a vision seven years ago to bring our fantastic sport to her community. Janice played ringette as a child and wanted her daughters to share the same love for the game. As a result of Janice’s perseverance, friends, and incredible community support, the Pembina Ringette Association was born.  The Pembina Ringette Association started with only 12 players in 2012 grew to 80 players in 2019.  Pembina had 3 teams participating in Provincials this season and even stepped up to host the 2019 U16B Provincials!

Janice has an incredible passion for Ringette.  She is a Coach, Association President, Secretary of the BGL, and a proud Mom of 2 ringette daughters and a son who plays hockey. Janice continues to promote the sport of Ringette in her community in many capacities with the Gym Ringette Program.  She most recently offered her knowledge and support to a Junior High Come Try Ringette option at the school she works at.

Pembina Ringette feels fortunate to have a such a strong female role model as Janice to coach and inspire our youth to love Ringette as much as she does!  Janice is definitely a “difference maker” in the Westlock community.

Ringette Excellence Award: Carolyn Normand

Our final Ringette Excellence award recipient started playing ringette as a child.  She has continued to play through adulthood and is currently travels to Edmonton to play on a women’s team.

Carolyn has coached for 6+ seasons in Red Deer Ringette.  She collaborates with coaches, both as a mentor to newer coaches and as a mentee to gain knowledge from more senior coaches.  Carolyn led the revamp and coordination of Red Deer’s 2018 Rustbusters warm up camp and was the head coach to coordinate the on-ice program of their Ringette 101 Introductory Camp (3 seasons now).

She has been a constant supporter and attendee to assist leading our Come Try It events.  To add to her extensive volunteer list, Carolyn coordinated the first ever Red Deer Ringette technical camps in 2019.

She is an active member of the Red Deer Ringette association and is constantly bringing forward new ideas she finds looking through other association websites, podcasts, and YouTube sources along with personal contacts.  She has been the BGL rep for the association for 3 seasons now.

She believes strongly in Ringette for Life, lives and breathes the sport.  The Red Deer Ringette Association is very thankful to have Carolyn on their team!

Team Tiering: Ringette Alberta vs Leagues.

It has come to Ringette Alberta’s attention that there are a small number of associations which have requested some of their teams be placed in tiers for league play that are not the same as the tier indicated by the Universal Athlete Assessment Testing Protocol.

It is the respective League’s choice to accept teams (or not) into their league and into specific divisions and levels (tiers).  Ringette Alberta does not have authority over this.

As far as Ringette Alberta is concerned, the level for all U10, U12 and U14 teams is the level indicated by the team’s UAA scoreThis is in keeping with clause in the Ringette Alberta tiering policy which states, Minimum team level will be determined by relative UAA team score”.

In other words, if a team’s UAA score says the team is an A team, for example, then Ringette Alberta considers that team to be an A team unless and until that is changed through the Team Advance / Retreat process.

For U12 and U14 teams, the UAA score, unless a retreat or advance has been applied, will be used to determine its placement in Ringette Alberta playdowns and provincials regardless of the tier it was placed for league play at the start of the season.

Finally, a team which is participating in league play at a level that does not match its UAA-indicated level is expected to complete a sufficient number of games against teams in their UAA-indicated level and other level(s) if it expects its retreat application to be granted.  These can be played in exhibition games or tournaments.

The routine of participating in league play at the start of the season at a level that does not match the UAA-indicated level is under review for the 2019-2020 season.

Casting Call


#1 Sally, Mom and Coach:
The main hero of the spot – an oddball with a unique/quirky look, attractive in a nonconventional way, athletic, a bit of a tomboy, but still girly.

About the role:
Sally does not fit in. Despite her efforts she cannot make friends. She is taunted and rejected by her peers, and it is deeply affecting her self esteem. However, through it all there remains a strength in Sally. Beneath her sadness there is an unbreakable spirit, an untapped potential.

This is primarily a non-speaking role. The actor must be able to convey emotion expressively. Must also be able to skate.

A typical soccer mom type. Mom can see that her daughter’s self esteem is being affected and she’s growing concerned.

A competitive level ringette player who is confident, athletic and warm. Sally’s role model.

#2 Extras:



Additional information can be found online at http://urbanvideo.ca/casting


To Apply:
Email casting@urbanvideo.ca with recent head shots (cell phone photos are ok), role you are interested, age, height, athletic experience and contact information.  Deadline to apply is Friday, September 21, 2018.

Production Title: Sports League Spot
Media: 60 Second Commercial
Status: Non-Union
Audition Date: TBA
Audition Location: Edmonton
Wardrobe/Fitting Date: TBA
Shoot Date: TBA


Ringette Alberta scholarships are given out each year to ringette players who  have demonstrated both strong academic performance and a commitment to the sport of ringette through active participation and involvement. These scholarships are designed to encourage athletes to maintain their involvement in ringette while pursuing post-secondary studies.  Up to four scholarships of $1500 each will be awarded each year.

Congratulations to our 2018 Scholarship recipients!

For additional information about our scholarship program, log on to https://ringettealberta.com/awardsandscholarships/