We are very excited to welcome…

We are very excited to welcome Bronwen Harvey to the Ringette Alberta staff as our Coaching Development Coordinator.  Bronwen will be covering Caleigh Shaw’s maternity leave.

Bronwen is no stranger to the sport of ringette.  She is a player on the Open A Edmonton Relit team and has a very strong coaching background with both Edmonton Ringette (EFCLRA) and the Edmonton Ringette Club.  Additionally, she has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and has been one of Ringette Alberta’s NCCP Learning Facilitators.  These qualities make her a great fit to take on the role of Coaching Development Coordinator while Caleigh is away.

Bronwen will be working out of our office in Edmonton.  Her contact information will be on the contact page on Ringette Alberta’s website.

We also want to wish Caleigh the best during this exciting time.  The entire ringette community cannot wait to meet your new addition once they arrive!