Our Foundation

Our Vision:

“Ringette is a prominent sport throughout Alberta played with pride by all ages, which builds well rounded athletes with strength of character within.”

Our Mission:

Ringette Alberta will achieve our Vision by:

  • Demonstrating effective leadership and good governance.
  • Providing high quality programs and services to member associations.
  • Partnering with our members to achieve excellence.
  • Marketing to make Ringette the #1 sport choice for female athletes.
  • Co-operation to achieve common goals: Competition on the Ice, Co-operation off
    the Ice.

Principles & Values:

Ringette Alberta is a proud member of True Sport and wholeheartedly support the True Sport Principles

Ringette Alberta has also defined the following core business values to manage the Association.


We respect the rules. We are accountable for our actions.  We are committed to making fair and ethical decisions for our sport.

We welcome and appreciate different perspectives. We focus on creating an optimal experience for all participants.

We lead the way. We ensure high quality in all that we do. We learn from our experiences and commit to continuously improve.

2017-2022 Ringette in Alberta Strategic Plan

Strategic Goal: Grow the Sport

Player registration in Alberta is on a path to reach 7,500 for the start of the 2022-2023 season


Key Tactics

  1. Improve ringette’s accessibility by reducing the cost to participate
  2. Diversify participation by actively recruiting visible minorities
  3. Optimize the use of the Come Try Ringette System
  4. Provide Group Members the tools and support to obtain sufficient ice to meet athlete development needs


Strategic Goal: Develop Athletes

Athletes have an optimal environment in which to enjoy the game and pursue their definition of success

Key Tactics:

  1. Provide clear participation options
  2. Effectively place athletes
  3. Provide high-quality, stage and context appropriate training and competition


Strategic Goal: Develop Coaches

Coaches are equipped to help athletes achieve their goals and coaches are meeting expectations


Key Tactics:

  1. Conduct a quality intake / orientation process including established formal, stage appropriate, expectations
  2. Provide effective education, assessment and mentorship
  3. Actively recruit and develop female coaches
  4. Celebrate coaches who are meeting expectations

Strategic Goal: Develop Officials

We have the right quantity of qualified officials to meet athlete needs.

Stakeholders understand what is expected of officials at each stage.

Key Tactics:

  1. Prepare and implement an action plan to achieve the appropriate ratio of officials to players at each level / stage in appropriate geographical clusters
  2.  Officials at each level are meeting minimum performance standards for their level
  3. Develop and implement a communication plan to educate stakeholders about what is expected  of officials (fair and appropriate for their stage of development)

Strategic Goal: Run Excellent Organizations

Alberta is a leader in ringette in Canada and sport in Alberta

Key Tactics:

  1.  Local Ringette Associations achieve Level 1 Club Excellence Certification
  2.  Ringette Alberta meet standards that can be applied to a provincial association