University Ringette School Visitation Program


I would like to invite your school to be a part of the University Ringette Team’s 2017 school visitation program.

The routine we follow when doing a school visit is that two U of A or MacEwan student athletes attend at your school at a mutually agreed upon date(s). The day starts with a 1/2 hour assembly in the gym where the university girls present to all the children in the school at once. They discuss the importance of excellence in academics and athletics, a bit about themselves, what it’s like at university, what it’s like to play on the University Ringette team, scholarships, the rules of ringette and a question/answer session. They also show a 5 minute DVD about ringette and a PowerPoint slideshow.

At the conclusion of the 30 minute assembly, groups of 24 children rotate through the gym for the rest of the day to play 30 minutes of gym ringette with the university girls. Depending on the school’s schedule we can usually get approximately 8 classes (about 200 children) through in one day. Multi day school visits can be arranged.

The university athletes bring along all the gym ringette equipment that is required for the day and, best of all, the entire visit is provided to your school free of charge!

Our program is geared primarily for K – 6 aged children, both boys and girls. Generally, one of the student athletes can speak some French if required.

In May/June 2016, the university girls visited approximately 50 schools in the greater Edmonton area. The response was very positive with several schools ordering gym ringette equipment and plans to incorporate ringette into their 2016/2017 phys-ed program.

Some comments received from schools visited by the University Ringette girls last year include:

  • The university girls did a fabulous job; please give them positive feedback on behalf of the staff & students at our school.
  • They were prepared, respectful, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I enjoyed working with them very much and would love the opportunity again next year.
  • They presented the material well and engaged the students.
  • Thank-you for the organized contact sheet and materials needed. The open communication enabled me to set dates and times that work best for teachers and students.

We are now booking dates during May & June 2017 for school visits. I would encourage you not to wait too long to book a visit as last year dates went quickly and we, unfortunately, had to turn away several schools.

To book a school visitation, or have questions answered, please send an email to

If you’re interested in learning more about the University Ringette Team please take a moment to look at our website There you will find a school visitation program link.

Thank you.

Alison Flaming & Rachel St. Pierre

School Visitation Coordinators

University Ringette

Ph. 780-998-5011