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North Playdowns

ROUND 1 – February 23-24, 2019
ROUND 2 – March 1-3, 2019

Teams will be ranked and placed into pools (4 pools of 4) following the second session of Black Gold League.
Teams will be competing for 7 Provincial Spots:

Association Team Code Team Name 
Beaumont Ringette N6 – BMT-U12C-1 Rush
Edmonton Ringette (EFCLRA) N10 – EDM-U12C-1 Avalanche
Edmonton Ringette (EFCLRA) N14 – EDM-U12C-2 Ring Wranglers
Edmonton Ringette (EFCLRA) N9 – EDM-U12C-3 Rebels
Fort Saskatchewan Ringette N7 – FSK-U12C-1 Warriors of the Ice
Hinton Ringette Association N2 – HIN-U12C-1 Tsunamis
Lacombe Ringette N1 – LAC-U12B-1 Edge
Leduc (Jaguars) Ringette N12 – LED-U12C Jaguars
Pembina Ringette N16 – PEM-U12C-1 Peaches
Red Deer Ringette N15 – RDR-U12C-1 Rush
Red Deer Ringette N13 – RDR-U12C-2 Rush
Sherwood Park Ringette N4 – SPK-U12C-1 Rush
Sherwood Park Ringette N8 – SPK-U12C-2 Shock!
Spruce Grove Ringette Association N5 – SGV-U12C-1 Venom
Spruce Grove Ringette Association N3 – SGV-U12C-2 Lord of the Rings
St. Albert Ringette N11 – STA-U12C-1 Ice Bombs

South Playdowns

ROUND 1 – Calgary & Indus – February 23-25, 2019

Teams will be ranked and placed into pools (3 pools of 3, 1 pool of 4) following the end of the 123 league schedule.
Teams will be competing for  4 Provincial Spots (+host):

Association Team Code Team Name 
Airdrie Ringette Association S6 – AIR-U12C-1 Aliens (yellow)
Airdrie Ringette Association S3 – AIR-U12C-2 Blue Bullets
Bowview Ringette S7 – CBV-U12C-1 Ice Rockets
Bowview Ringette S1 – CBV-U12C-2 Hurricanes
Bowview Ringette S9 – CBV-U12C-3 Inferno
Indus Ringette Association S2 – IND-U12C-1 Lightning Dragons
Lethbridge Ringette S11 – LTH-U12C-1 Chaos
Northwest Ringette S5 – CNW-U12C-1 Blizzards
Northwest Ringette S13 – CNW-U12C-2 Hot Shots
South Calgary Ringette S4 – CSO-U12C-1 Dare Devils
South Calgary Ringette S8 – CSO-U12C-2 Furious Foxes
South Calgary Ringette S10 – CSO-U12C-3 Venom
Strathmore Ringette Association S12 – STR-U12C-1 Ice Warriors


Dates: March 15-17, 2019
Location: Calgary 

2019 U12C Provincial Schedule

Provincial Website:  http://www.nwringette.com/Team/teamWeb.dll/PageContent?ContentId=86355


Scores & Standings will be posted on the Provincial Host website: http://www.nwringette.com/Team/teamWeb.dll/PageContent?ContentId=86355

2019 U12C Provincial Standings

GOLD – Lacombe
SILVER – Hinton
BRONZE – Bowview Hurricanes
4th – Spruce Grove Venom
5th – Beaumont Rush
6th – Indus Lightning
7th – Airdrie Sting
8th – South Calgary Dare Devils
9th – Spruce Grove Lord of the Rings
10th – Leduc
11th – Northwest Blizzards
12th – Sherwood Park Shock