Trainer Certification

Each Team Staff is able to have ONE designated trainer on their TRF, this individual must be 18 or older and counts towards the maximum of 5 staff members permitted on the bench at once. To be a trainer, Standard First Aid or higher is required. Alternatives include:

i.          Medical Doctor/Student
ii.         Fireman
iii.        Registered Nurse
iv.         Ambulance Training
v.          Athletic Therapy
vi.         Sport Physio Designation or Sport First Responder
vii.        Equivalency for any certified standard first aid course, thirteen (13) hours or more in duration (eg. St. John Ambulance or Red Cross Standard First Aid programs), which includes the following content:
•     Principal of First Aid and Safety
•     Artificial Respiration
•     Wounds and Bleeding
•     Shock, Unconsciousness and Fainting
•     Fractures
•     Head and Spinal Injuries
•     Joint Injuries
•     Medical Conditions (Diabetes, Asthma, etc.)

A copy of the first aid training, college registration or other certification paperwork must be emailed to before the trainer will be approved.