Commitment to Attend

The deadline for teams to declare their intent to participate in Ringette Alberta Provincial Playdowns and Provincial Championships is December 15th of the given season. Once teams have completed the form & payment, if necessary, has been received, they will be listed below. *Updated Thursdays

Division Association Name Team Code
U14AA Ringette Calgary White CGY-U14AA-1
U14AA Ringette Calgary Red CGY-U14AA-2
U14AA Ringette Calgary Blue CGY-U14AA-3
U14AA Edmonton Elite ERC-U14AA-1
U14A Bowview Rage CBV-U14A-1
U14A Bowview Vex CBV-U14A-2
U14A Northwest Rampage CNW-U14A-1
U14A Northwest Force CNW-U14A-2
U14A St. Albert Elevate STA-U14A-1
U14B Bowview Warriors CBV-U14B-1
U14B Bowview Royals CBV-U14B-2
U14B Bowview Shock CBV-U14B-3
U14B Edmonton Impact EDM-U14B-1
U14B Lethbridge Blur LTH-U14B-1
U14B Northwest Mayhem CNW-U14B-1
U14B Northwest Sabotage CNW-U14B-2
U14B Rockyford Ringers RFD-U14B-1
U14C South Calgary Thunderstruck CSO-U14C-1
U14C South Calgary Toxic Rampage CSO-U14C-2
U14C Edmonton Ambush EDM-U14C-1
U14C Indus Lightning IND-U14C-1
Division Association Name Team Code
U16AA Calgary Force CGY-U16AA-2
U16AA Calgary Tenacity CGY-U16AA-3
U16AA Edmonton Elite ERC-U16AA-1
U16AA St. Albert Mission STA-U16AA-1
U16A Bowview Havoc CBV-U16A-1
U16A Bowview Cruz CBV-U16A-2
U16A Bowview Motley Crue CBV-U16A-3
U16A Northwest Forte CNW-U16A-1
U16A Northwest Havoc CNW-U16A-2
U16A South Calgary Surge CSO-U16A1
U16A St. Albert Royals STA-U16A-1
U16B Bowview Lethal CBV-U16B-1
U16B Bowview Blazers CBV-U16B-2
U16B Bowview Raiders CBV-U16B-3
U16B Edmonton Rush EDM-U16B-1
U16B Indus Lightning IND-U16B-1
U16B Medicine Hat Matrix MHT-U16B-1
U16B Northwest Armada CNW-U16B-2
U16B Northwest Nitro CNW-U16B-3
U16B South Calgary Blues CSO-U16B1
U16B St. Albert Excel STA-U16B-1
Division Association Name Team Code
U19AA Ringette Calgary Strike CGY-U19AA-1
U19AA Ringette Calgary Blade CGY-U19AA-2
U19AA Edmonton Elite ERC-U19AA-1
U19AA St. Albert Mission STA-U19AA-1
U19A Bowview Blue CBV-U19A-1
U19A Bowview Elite CBV-U19A-2
U19A Northwest Wild CNW-U19A-1
U19A South Calgary Sisu CSO-U19A-1
U19A Lethbridge Rattlers LTH-U19A-1
U19A St. Albert Strike STA-U19A-1
U19B Bowview Impulse CBV-U19B-1
U19B Bowview Team CBV-U19B-2
U19B Northwest Honey Badgers CNW-U19B-1
U19B Lacombe Edge LAC-U19B-1
Division Association Name Team Code
Open A CORA Heat COR-OpenA-3
Open A CORA Impact COR-OpenA-4
Open A CORA Resurge COR-OpenA-6
Open A CORA U of C Dinos COR-OpenA-7
Open A CORA West Hillhurst COR-OpenA-8
Open A Lethbridge University of Lethbridge LTH-OpenA-1
Open A NAWRA Experience NW-OA-Experience
Open A Edmonton Last Call EF-OA-LastCall
Open A Rockyford Zone 2 Wild RFD-OpenA-1
Open A St. Albert Crew STA-OA-A1
Open A St. Albert Mission Alumni STA-OA-A2
Open A University Ringette University UOA-OpenA1
Open A University Ringette Alumni UOA-OpenA2
Open B CORA Absolut COR-OpenB-1
Open B CORA Avalanche COR-OpenB-2
Open B CORA Blaze COR-OpenB-3
Open B CORA Triwood Defiance COR-OpenB-4
Open B CORA Calgary Edge CORA-OpenB-5
Open B CORA Triwood Gladiators COR-OpenB-9
Open B Edmonton Hornets EF-OB-Hornets
Open B Medicine Hat Smash MHT-OpenB-Smash
Open B NAWRA Edmonton Ice NW-OB-Ice
Open B Riviere Qui Barre Twisters RQB-OB-Twisters
Open B Spruce Grove Rush SG-OB-Rush
Open B St. Albert Heat STA-OB-1
Open B St. Albert Stealth STA-OB-2
Open B St. Albert Edge STA-OB-3
Open C Beaumont Rush BMT-OpenC-1
Open C CORA Madhatters COR-OpenC-4
Open C CORA True North COR-OpenC-6
Open C Lethbridge Leth Vegas LTH-OpenC-1
Open C Medicine Hat Force MHT-OpenC-Force
Open C Rockyford Ringers RFD-OpenC-1
Open C Rockyford Rush RFD-OpenC-2