Task Force

As part of our action plan to achieve the objectives in the Ringette in Alberta Strategic Plan “75-22”, Ringette Alberta is seeking interested and committed individuals to become members of the following three Task Forces.  All have a mandate that concludes no later than May 6, 2018 (approximately 6 months).

To apply for any of these groups, please complete the online form, which can be accessed by clicking here.  The deadline to apply is November 28, 2017.  If you have any questions, please direct them to David Myers at david@ringettealberta.com 

Cost Analysis

Cost of participation in organized sport is a challenge for many Alberta families. We know that with increasing costs there is downward pressure on participation, therefore, if we are to achieve our goal of 75-22, making ringette more financially accessible for average Alberta families as quickly as possible, is a priority.
While we may wish to be aware of the cost of ringette relative to other sports, if all sports are a financial concern for Alberta families, we need to be better than the rest. Regardless, we need to focus on our cost relative to the average Alberta families’ ability to pay.
The Committee ’s job is to analyse the cost of participation in ringette and bring forward recommendations to the Ringette Alberta Board and Group Members to improve financial accessibility.
  • Analysis of the current cost of participation
  • Assess the gap
  • Set a target for closing the gap
  • Prepare recommendations for change and present to membership at the May 2018 AGM

Click here for a printable pdf of this Task Force’s Terms of Reference – Cost Analysis 

Ice Advocacy

To achieve our goal of 75-22, we will need to secure enough ice to accommodate the increase in players and our development objectives for those players. The Ice Access Team’s objective is to prepare an Ice Access Strategy to help all Group Members of Ringette Alberta obtain no less than the ice required to meet Long Term Athlete Development Objectives.
  • Establish baseline – what is the status of ice today?
  • Re-affirm the target and develop an Action Plan to achieve
  • Present to membership at the May 2018 AGM
Click here for a printable pdf of this Task Force’s Terms of Reference – Ice Access