Status Renewal

The NCCP and Ringette Canada require coaches to maintain a coaching status over a 5-year cycle. The first cycle expired January 1, 2019 for anyone who completed training in 2014 or earlier, and everyone since then will expire 5 years from the date of their training. Coaches renew their status by doing Professional Development (PD) and receiving points.

Read about Maintenance of Certification on the website. NCCP Professional Development.

All coaches need to have either a “Trained” or “Certified” status to be approved on a roster. You can review the requirements to achieve those statuses on our Team Staff Requirements page, including what to do if your status says “In Training”.

Statuses are: CSI Trained, CI Trained, CI Certified, Comp Dev Trained, Comp Dev Certified.

To renew, you need a certain number of Professional Development (PD) points every 5 years. Once you accumulate the required amount, you will be renewed for another 5 years. Points acquired will count towards all statuses but only count towards a status if they are completed during the 5-year cycle. A coach who is CI Trained and completes the CI Certified will start a new 5-year cycle once that’s complete.

Community Sport Initiation (CSI) is 10 points
Competition Introduction (CI) is 20 points
Competition Development (Comp Dev) is 30 points

 If your status has expired, you will not be approved or be eligible to be on the bench until you complete the missing points and successfully renew. If you have more than one status, for example CSI Trained and CI Certified, and you are only coaching where a CI Certified status is required, if your CSI Trained status is expired, it won’t affect your eligibility to coach at a CI Certified level, however we recommend renewing.

Check your status by logging into your NCCP Locker, and comparing with the tab below. If you’re having trouble accessing your account, DO NOT create a new one. Email Bronwen for a reset.

Log into your NCCP Locker account. Check the cycle expiry date (Jan 2024 means January 1, 2024). If your status has complete points, either 10/10, 20/20, or 30/30, then you are set, and the status will automatically renew when the cycle expires.

This first image shows a general idea of what your Locker profile looks like, and what will show up in each tab.


This is an example of a coach’s transcript tab, where you can see expired statuses and statuses which are coming due. One is successfully renewed, and though the other one isn’t, that coach has plenty of time to get the points. They probably just renewed last year!


This is an example of a coach’s maintenance tab, where you can see what is contributing points towards your status renewal. This coach has until January 1, 2024 to get 13 more PD points.


This document, with very similar information, might also be helpful.

How to get enough PD points to renew your status?

During National Coaches Week (Sept 21-29, 2019), the NCCP offers many of their eLearning courses for FREE. You can take the Coach Initiation in Sport eModule (5 PD points), Making Head Way in Sport (5 PD points), Coaching Athletes with a Disability (5 PD points) for free, and that’s 15 points. Declare years of active coaching and/or link your Respect in Sport profile to your NCCP locker (see tab below) and you can get 20 points easily, hopefully learning a thing or two along the way.

Coaches who anticipate being at the NRL level or having their team qualify to attend CRCs need to do a Comp-Dev multi-sport module – visit our Team Staff Requirements page and find the appropriate drop-down for details.

The NCCP offers sport-specific and multi-sport options, any of which will contribute 5 points towards a status. You can register through the NCCP Calendar or the appropriate Provincial Sport Organization (PSO), like Ringette Alberta, Lacrosse Alberta, etc.

A Lacrosse coaching course would add 5 points to ringette statuses.

Taking a ringette CI clinic would add 5 points to a ringette CSI status.

NCCP has multi-sport courses which are accessible through their eLearning or Calendar tab.

The online modules include Making Head Way (about concussions), Coaching Athletes with a Disability, Coach Initiation in Sport,and more.

In-class multi-sport courses are listed here, and cover a wide range of topics. Many of those modules are required for coaches who wish to continue on to their Competition Development (Comp-Dev) training/certification.

Many associations require coaches to complete Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders. It is also a requirement for ALL NRL coaches and coaches who attend the Canadian Ringette Championships. This module is worth 3 PD points, it costs $30 and takes about 2 hours which can be done all at once or in chunks.

If you believe it’s been done but isn’t showing up in your NCCP Locker, update your Respect Group profile to allow communication.

Keeping Girls in Sport is another course offered by the Respect Group. Keeping Girls in Sport is an online resource that helps coaches and youth activity leaders to create safe and respectful environments for female athletes. It talks about why girls play sports, how you need to coach them differently (from a physiological and emotional point of view), why they quit sports, and what coaches can do to keep them around longer. This course is worth 2 PD points, costs $17, and takes about 2 hours which can be done all at once or in chunks.

It was developed with the help of Dr. Vicki Harber, a subject matter expert with whom many ringette coaches are already familiar from her “Coaching the Female Athlete” seminars.

If you believe it’s been done but isn’t showing up in your NCCP Locker, update your Respect Group profile to allow communication.

The Commit to Kids (C2K) for Coaches online training empowers coaches with practical information to help them enhance child and youth safety in sport. It highlights the importance of understanding boundaries, sexual misconduct, and reporting inappropriate behaviour. This program is partnered with NCCP; it’s worth 3 PD points, costs $12, and takes about 2.5 hours which can be done all at once or in chunks.

The Commit to Kids also has a version of the training designed for individuals who work with children, either through employment or on a volunteer basis. It also provides information about designing policies, strategies, and a step-by-step plan to help reduce the risk of sexual abuse happening within child-serving organizations.

This program has discounts for organizations purchasing for 10+ individuals.

In your NCCP Locker, you can click on the “Certification” tab, and find the self-report button on the left-hand toolbar. You can report active years of coaching, 1 per season, and only those years which fall in the 5-year cycle will count towards its renewal.

There is more information about self-reporting on the website.


CAAWS is dedicated to creating an equitable and inclusive Canadian sport and physical activity system that empowers girls and women – as active participants and leaders – within and through sport. With a focus on systematic change, they partner with governments, organizations and leaders to challenge the status quo and to advance solutions that result in measurable change.

CAAWS offers some courses/workshops, and as an NCCP partner, the courses offered are worth PD points, the number depends on which course. Local associations can book a workshop for their board, coaches, and/or athletes.

Associations are able to run Professional Development courses for their coaches; please send a description of the course to Bronwen, and following the completion of the course, associations/coaching directors are responsible for submitting a completed Coach Attendance Form, before the points will be awarded to the Locker.
Coming soon!

Ringette Alberta is working towards creating sport-specific content for coaches at various levels. This will likely be in the form of short videos followed by a quiz.

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Philosophy: lifelong learning

Lifelong Learning is the ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons.

Policy: maintenance of certification

Maintenance of Certification is the NCCP policy that requires NCCP coaches to maintain their certification through Professional Development and training opportunities over a predetermined period.

Professional Development (PD)

PD promotes growth and development of coaches, enables coaches to be at the leading edge to best serve their athletes, and is fun and engaging.