PD Points & Status Renewal

The NCCP and Ringette Canada require coaches to maintain a coaching status over a 5-year cycle. The first cycle expired January 1, 2019 for anyone who completed training in 2014 or earlier, and everyone since then will expire 5 years from the date of their training/certification. Coaches renew their status by doing Professional Development (PD) and receiving points.

Read about Maintenance of Certification on the Coach.ca website. NCCP Professional Development.

All coaches need to have either a “Trained” or “Certified” status to be approved on a roster. You can review the requirements to achieve those statuses on our Team Staff Requirements page, including what to do if your status says “In Training”. Points will not accumulate if a status says “In Training”, only Trained or Certified statuses will show PD points and a 5-year cycle.

Statuses are: CSI Trained, CI Trained, CI Certified, Comp Dev Trained, Comp Dev Certified.

Each status is on a 5-year cycle where a certain number of Professional Development (PD) points are required to renew for another 5 years.

Community Sport Initiation (CSI) is 10 points
Competition Introduction (CI) is 20 points
Competition Development (Comp Dev) is 30 points

Points acquired will count towards all Trained or Certified statuses but only if they are completed during its 5-year cycle. If a cycle expires Jan 2024, that means it started Jan 2019, so anything done before 2019 would not count towards that status. A coach who is CI Trained and completes the CI Certified will start a new 5-year cycle once that’s complete. If your profile shows that you have 10/10 points, expires 2020, it means that the 5-year cycle expires Jan 2020, and since you have the 10/10 points, on January 1, 2020 it will renew and say expires Jan 2025, 0/10 points.

 If your status has expired, you will not be approved or be eligible to be on the bench until you complete the missing points and successfully renew. If you have more than one status, for example CSI Trained and CI Certified, and you are only coaching where a CI Certified status is required, if your CSI Trained status is expired, it won’t affect your eligibility to coach at a CI Certified level, however we recommend renewing.

Check your status by logging into your NCCP Locker, and comparing with the tab below. If you’re having trouble accessing your account, DO NOT create a new one. Email Bronwen for a reset.

How to get enough PD points to renew your status?

During National Coaches Week (Sept 21-29, 2019), the NCCP offers many of their eLearning courses for FREE.

Need 20 PD points? Possible solution – all multi-sport and online:

  • Coach Initiation in Sport eModule (5 PD points),
  • Making Head Way in Sport (5 PD points),
  • NCCP Sport Nutrition and/or Coaching Athletes with a Disability (5 PD points each).
  • Declare years of active coaching (up to 5 PD points) and/or link your Respect in Sport certificate (3 PD points) to your NCCP locker (see tab below)

Coaches who anticipate being at the NRL level or having their team qualify to attend CRCs need to do a Comp-Dev multi-sport module – visit our Team Staff Requirements page and find the appropriate drop-down for details.

There are multiple ways to achieve points towards renewal, many are outlined below. 

Philosophy: lifelong learning

Lifelong Learning is the ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons.

Policy: maintenance of certification

Maintenance of Certification is the NCCP policy that requires NCCP coaches to maintain their certification through Professional Development and training opportunities over a predetermined period.

Professional Development (PD)

PD promotes growth and development of coaches, enables coaches to be at the leading edge to best serve their athletes, and is fun and engaging.