Residency Policy Review Underway

A Task Force to examine Ringette Alberta’s Residency Policy has been formed.

The current policy outlines how the movement of players from one association to another is managed. The stated purpose of the policy is:

  • To establish fair and equitable standards for athletes applying for and receiving releases for movement from association to association.
  • To ensure communication with all parties effected by a release including Ringette Alberta, Zones* and Associations.
    *Zones are no longer involved in the release process. The release transaction is only of concern to the player and the two associations.

The Residency Policy is of very little consequence to the majority of participants simply because playing ringette in the community in which one lives is the norm. That said, there is an upward trend in the number of residency related issues and the “severity” of the impact on those involved which has initiated the formation of this Task Force.

Residency Policy Task Force Terms of Reference

Watch for more information in the coming weeks on the Task Force’s work and for opportunities to provide your input.