Remembering Ralph Bell


To our coach,

You were more than just the coach of WAM!, you were the heart and soul of our team, the driving force of our WAMily. You stepped up to coach us when no one else would, and you made us into the team we are today. Your ability to see the potential in your athletes and make them believe in themselves is what has made WAM! such a force for the past 3.5 years. There is a reason why you picked every one of us to be on your team and there is not a girl who puts on the W that you didn’t believe in.

Thank you for being patient with us, for telling us to expect more from ourselves, for pushing us to become the athletes and people that we are today. Thank you for always providing us with a solid foundation to build from and never putting a ceiling on what we can accomplish. Thank you for reminding us to have fun when we get too competitive. Thank you for helping us all find our place on the WAM!. Thank you for spending most of your spare time with 17 ridiculously passionate, sometimes opinionated, and very determined young ladies (that in itself deserves an award). But most of all thank you for being the prime example of what it means to NEVER NEVER GIVE UP.

Shortly after you were diagnosed with cancer, you rode a train from Edmonton, Alberta to London, Ontario so you could coach your team at Nationals. When one treatment wouldn’t work, you moved on to the next. Even throughout your treatments, you came to the rink. You came to practice, you bundled up for games, you even trusted us to lift you on to the ice safely with your wheelchair (Jam taking you for a skate and spinning you around was beyond our control). Ralph, you have been with us every step of the way even when you were battling the fight of your life. We know you’ll still be watching us every time we step on the ice, we promise to tell Jam to put her contact in before games, to tell Brea to stay in her net, and we will try to make sure we hit the net more. This season and every season- we play for you.


Your WAMily