RAB Requests

This page is to provide information on the following RAB Requests:

  • Overage Player Requests
  • Male Player Requests
  • Team Advance Requests
  • Team Retreat Requests

RAB Requests are due each season by December 20. Each request must include the following:

Both documents must be completed and submitted electronically to emailaddress@ringettealberta.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All players MUST be included on your team profile form. This allows the Competitions Committee to look at the team as a whole, even though they may only be considering the approval of one player.
Yes. Any team may apply to advance another team. They are required to submit the Ringette Alberta Request Form along with a nominal fee as stated in the form.
If the league you participate in advances/retreats you, and your team is content with the level you  have been advanced/retreated to, then there is no need to apply to Ringette Alberta to maintain that level. As per 8.3.2. of 8.0 Team Advance/Retreat Policy, the team will be automatically moved to that level for the sake of Ringette Alberta competitions (Provincial Playdowns & Championships)

If your team is not content with the level advanced/retreated to, the team may apply to Ringette Alberta to remain at it’s previous level (as per 8.3.2)

When submitting an overage or male player request, any information that was utilized to allow the player to participate as such should be included in the RAB Request. This could include: personal information, medical information, team availability, etc. Any information that could be relevant to the decision to approve or deny the player should be included. There is rarely a second chance for the Competitions Committee to speak with those submitting the requests, so as much information as possible should be included right from the beginning.