Pursuit of Excellence Programming – Early Steps

Enhance your program’s effectiveness with Ringette
Alberta’s Pursuit of Excellence coaching webinars and on-ice

Ringette Alberta is hosting a series of webinars and on-ice sessions with
National Senior Team Head Coach Lorrie Horne, Red Horse Performance
Consulting President and Sport Physiologist Tara McNeil and 5-Count
Ringette Goalie Instruction’s Heather Konkin.

These experts in coaching and athlete development are presenting a highly
practical introduction to the Pursuit of Excellence program fundamentals
for coaches. These sessions will orient coaches with a simplified approach
to planning with heavy focus on quality process to achieve performance

• A and AA coaches at U14, U16, U19 and NRL coaches
• Program Operators (coaches will be given priority access)
• Participation is optional but highly recommended.
• If you do wish to participate, session 1 must be completed, either live
or by watching the recording, prior to participating in any other
sessions (honor system in effect).

There is no cost to participate in the sessions and group check ins.
Self-initiated check-in or consultation with our experts are at their rates

Participation is optional but advance registration is mandatory.

Register here