Congratulations to our 2020 Award Recipients!

Senior Official of the Year:

This award is given to an official that has been active more than 5 years, and demonstrates strong performances and commitment to the sport.

This last year has been a year of great accomplishments for our Senior Official of the Year, Jaimie Nelson.  Not only did she officiate at the Canada Winter Games in February 2019, but she also was one of three officials from Canada selected to officiate at the World Ringette Championships in November of 2019. She became Alberta’s only Level 5 official by attending several CRCs, officiating the NRL, and attending AA Provincials consistently. She is also a Provincial certified evaluator, has supervised AWGs, and instructs clinics whenever her very busy life allows.     

Congratulations Jaimie Nelson! 


 Coach of the Year:

The Coach of the Year award goes to a coach who promotes a positive public image for coaching in the sport, shows respect to officials, opponents, players and parents, and reinforces a philosophy of fair play.

Ringette Alberta is very proud to award our 2020 Coach of the Year to Laurie Reeve from Zone 2 AA.  Laurie has years of ringette experience as a player, a parent, and as a coach. Her experience as an athlete allows her to understand the strategies and intricacies, and the pressures that can come with being a young female athlete. She has the ability to adapt her teaching and coaching methods according to her players abilities and strengths. Laurie constantly looks for opportunities to improve the team and ensure her players are engaged and ready for the challenges ahead.

Ringette Alberta received numerous glowing letters of support of Laurie’s nomination from Players and Parents.  She is calm, fair, supportive and respectful on and off the bench.  Laurie motivates and empowers all of them to be the best team possible. 

Congratulations Laurie Reeve!  


Friends of Ringette Awards:

These awards are given to recognize outstanding individuals that have shown dedication to the sport. Ringette Alberta would like to recognize 1 individual that has done just that.

Our Friends of Ringette recipient just finished his 40th year coaching ringette!  Al Syverson started coaching his oldest daughter when she was a little girl in the Heritage community of Calgary.  He is still coaching the CORA Open B Blaze team where his daughter is still playing.  Every athlete he has coached over the years considers him a “Dad”.  Al has been a constant fixture in the ringette community and his love for this game is unparalleled. 

Congratulations Al Syverson!


Individual Youth Volunteerism Award        

Ringette Alberta’s Youth Volunteerism award is intended to recognize outstanding individuals under the age of 18 who have shown dedication to the sport of ringette.  These volunteers have excelled even with the busy schedules of their young lives and understand the true value of sportsmanship and volunteerism.

Our 2020 recipient of the Youth Volunteerism Award has mentored U10 teams for the past two years.  She volunteered 18 hours to the Airdrie U10 Step 3 team in addition to the commitment of her own U14 Airdrie team.  Her love, enthusiasm, competitiveness and dedication to the sport of ringette passed onto her your U10 athletes.

Ringette Alberta is proud to announce Trinity Amsing as our 2020 Youth Volunteer Award recipient. 

Congratulations Trinity Amsing!


Player of the Year:

The Player of the Year Award is awarded based on demonstrated excellence in ringette throughout the season.

Our Player of the Year, Vail Ketsa, has played for the St. Albert Ringette Association for many years and recently was a member of Team Alberta 2019 at the Canada Winter Games.  Vail is special player; her talent is exceptional, but more importantly her role as a leader and teammate is remarkable. She is the type of athlete who makes their teammates better.

Vail is an amazing athlete and teammate, but most importantly a kind, caring, compassionate young woman that is a true pleasure to coach.

Congratulations Vail Ketsa!


Ringette Excellence Award:

The Ringette Excellence Award recognizes individuals that have made significant contributions towards showcasing the popularity of the sport, and outstanding lifelong achievement as a volunteer supporting and improving the sport of ringette.

Our Ringette Excellence award recipient, Jackie Day has demonstrated these qualities in many different capacities for the Sherwood Park Ringette Association. 

Jackie has two daughters in ringette and has managed both teams every year.  She is a dedicated Sherwood Park Ringette Association Board member and always positively promotes Ringette Alberta and Black Gold League initiatives.  Jackie is always available to help or mentor any directors and has been a diligent supporter of all athletes and Association members. 

Congratulations to Jackie Day!


Board Service Awards

The Board Service award recognizes long-serving board members that have provided Ringette Alberta with outstanding volunteer service.

Ann MacTaggart has been a member of the RAB Board of Directors for 5 years, the last four as the Chair.  

Ann has shown ongoing initiative, leadership and dedication to the sport of Ringette.  She has devoted herself to sustained and selfless voluntary service as RAB Board of Directors, as well as a representative with Ringette Canada.  

Ann demonstrated leadership, drive, and Her achievements as President was her leadership, and cooperation while we were undergoing significant changes in residency, Children’s Ringette and Long Term Athlete Development.

She has made a measurable impact as a passionate advocate for the sport of ringette and is very supportive to all Directors.

She has represented us well in Alberta and will be sorely missed on the Ringette Alberta Board. 


Phyllis Sadoway Development Award

Given Phyllis’ commitment to developing the game of ringette, this award is given to an Association that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to developing and growing the sport in their community.

In 2018-19 SPRA introduced a Learn to Play Ringette Program in Sherwood Park, and again in 2019-20. The program consisted of a 5-6 week once a week program introducing basic ringette skills, skating skills, and small area games.  The program ran at minimal cost to players allowing the players to get a taste of ringette. 

SPRA provided a minimal equipment list participants were required to wear. SPRA provided loaner sticks (from their Come Try Ringette program) as well as ringette face masks.  The face masks are a big expense and not easy to borrow within the community. This is a big hurdle for many; one of the objectives of the program was provided at minimal cost to families.  In order to help families give our sport a try, SPRA purchased 20 masks for players to “rent” (for free) with a cost base deposit.  At the end of the program, if they were planning to continue playing next season, they had the option to buy the mask.

The program has now run for two seasons (January – March). Many signed up to become involved in a sport we love.  

The Ringette Alberta Phyllis Sadoway Development award cheque will contribute to the expenses involved keeping the Learn to Play Program growing.  Great work Sherwood Park Ringette Association!

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