New Residency Policy

The Ringette Alberta Board has just approved revisions to the residency policy.  The new policy is effective immediately.

The Residency Policy is posted here.

The key change from the previous policy (2016) has to do with the impact of releases on team viability.

At the 2016 Ringette Alberta AGM, the majority of the members in attendance expressed concern that a revised residency policy would threaten the viability of small ringette associations. With that in mind, ringette associations have been given the expressed right to deny a release if that release makes a team no longer viable (fewer than 11 players).  To ensure equity in the athlete/association relationship, the expressed right to deny a release for team viability is now the only reason a release may be denied.    

The Ringette Alberta Board hopes this new policy will achieve the following objectives:

  • A recognition of the need to support team viability in smaller ringette associations across the province
  • A more balanced approach to serving athlete needs vs association needs when the two are not in agreement
  • Clarity around when a release may be denied and when it may not

Residency Policy FAQs have been prepared to help Ringette Alberta Members, Registered Participants and Parents understand the basic implications of the policy.

Ringette Alberta would like to thank the members and registered participants who provided input in the original Residency Policy Task Force’s work, the 2016 AGM and the most recent call for response to the draft 2017 policy.