Memo Dec 14, 2020: Reiterating – no organized ringette activities

On November 24, enhanced restrictions were put in place by the Province until at least December 15th. As such, Ringette Alberta communicated to our Members and Participants that there would be no in-person ringette activities of any kind until the enhanced restrictions were lifted.

On December 13th, further restrictions came into effect.

Some of the information coming from the Province on outdoor gatherings imply organized sport can continue however, there are three considerations that form Ringette Alberta’s position at this time.

1. That the intent of the latest restrictions is to slow the spread of COVID-19 and that permitting small social gatherings is not meant to encompass formal, organized sport.

2. That within our community, just like the broader community, comfort levels relative to health and safety are diverse and therefore, at this time, individuals should be given the choice to initiate physical activity in ways that they are comfortable with vs being organized by others.

3. That no individual (particularly coaches), local ringette association or Ringette Alberta have liability insurance related to claims for COVID-19 and that while the risk of an individual or organization being sued by a participant who contracts COVID-19 from participating in organized ringette activities under Ringette Alberta’s jurisdiction is low, there is still a risk.

Taking this into consideration, we reiterate, no organized ringette activities under the jurisdiction of Ringette Alberta or any Ringette Alberta Group Member are permitted until further notice.