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Ringette Alberta is pleased to present Let’s Talk Ringette, a podcast to discuss all things ringette. We’ll bring you conversations about women in sport, long-term athlete development, coaching, sport development, and updates from around the province.

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Bronwen and Robyn chat about their favourite episodes and projects from the last few months!


No resources for this week! Listen to the episode to hear why athletes love ringette.
You Can Play Project

See what Pride Tape is all about and purchase some rolls for your team

No Homophobes.com, a website showing how often homophobic language is used on the internet daily.

LGBT Terms and Definitions

Ringette Alberta’s Inclusion Policy

Curling with Pride, the curling club Kevin is involved with

Pride Center of Edmonton

Calgary Out Link

Central Alberta Pride Society



Infographic from Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women in Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS)

FIFA 11+ Exercise Guide

Videos from Ontario Soccer demonstrating the FIFA 11+ Exercises

Information about the Get Set App

Dacia’s Instagram: @insydoutnutrition

Business profile: Full Spectrum Chiropractic – Nutritionist

Canada Games website

Follow Team AB!

Twitter: @cwg_teamab19

Facebook: CWG Team AB 2019

Instagram: @cwg_teamab19

Find all Western Canadian Ringette Championships info here:
Click here for all the final results from the 2019 Canadian Ringette Championships

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