Fee Structure

Each Fee is listed with its corresponding policy heading reference i.e.   (1.1.1)

NOCP Clinics (Officiating) (

Note: These are fees RAB charges to clinic hosts. Hosts may charge higher fees to participants

Fee Amount
Refresher Participant Fee $65 each
Level 1 Participant Fee $140 each
Level 2/3 Participant Fee $90 each
Evaluators Participant Fee Hosted by Ringette Alberta

NCCP Clinics (Coaching) (

Fee Amount
Community Sport Initiation (CSI) Participant Fee $140 each
Competition Introduction (CI) Participant Fee $220 each
CI Evaluations (evaluations are completed together) $80 each

Note: Clinic fees are subject to change without notice

Association Membership Dues ( &

Fee Amount
0-30 Players $30/year
31-70 Players $50/year
71-100 $100/year
Every subsequent 100 (or part thereof) Players $25/year

Allowable Expenses for approved Business (

Expense Amount
Personal use of vehicle on Ringette Alberta business $0.45 / km
Meal per diem maximums $34.50 / day with receipts.
Breakfast $7.50, Lunch $9.50,Dinner $17.50
Convenience per diem with no receipts required $5.00 per meal

Player Registration Fee Active Start to Masters ( – $61.00

Late Submission Fees (

Fee Amount
Late submission of team registration spreadsheet $200/team
Late submission of affiliation form $25/player
Late submission of team staff or official $25/team staff/official
Addition of a full team (or at least 8 new players on one team) $200/team

Roster Changes (

Fee Amount
Changes to a roster after the registration deadline but before the roster change deadline of the current season $50/change

Team Staff Registrations (2.4.5 & Team Staff Policy)

Fee Amount
Team Staff Registration Fee $24/staff

Provincial Championship Fees (PC Technical Manual)

Fee Amount
U14 A, B, and C Provincial Championships Entry Fee $900/team
U16-Open A, B and C Provincial Championships Entry Fee $1,000/team
U14AA, U16AA, U19AA Provincial Championships Entry Fee $1,200/team

Playdown Fees

Fee Amount
AA , A, B, and C Provincial Championships Commitment to Attend Fee $450/team

Requests ( &

Fee Amount
Fee to accompany a request to advance another team $400

Officials Evaluations (

Fee Amount
Honourarium paid per evaluation $15/evaluation

Officials Registration Fees  (Officials policy) – $24 / official

Failure to Notify Suspension Policy 15.4.2 & 15.4.3 

Fee Amount
Fine to Group Member Association for Failure to Notify Ringette Alberta of a Misconduct or Match Penalty during Games within or out of Province $200

Event/Tournament Sanction Fees (12.4.2)

Fee Amount
Special Event Sanction Request $50
Tournament Sanction Request $7/team ($50 minimum, $400 maximum)
Minimum 30 days notice as above
8-29 days Notice $250 additional
7 or less days Notice $500 additional

Officials Remuneration for Provincials (Provincial Championships Technical Manual)

Per game remuneration for officials at AA, A, B, and C Provincial Championships

Fee Amount
U14 and Under Divisions $25
U14AA, U16 and Older Divisions $30
Mini Games $6 each, all divisions

Protests (PC Technical Manual)

Fee Amount
Deposit that must accompany a protest launched at a Provincial Championships Tournament $200

Provincials Teams (PC Technical Manual)

Fee Amount
Fine to zone for failing to declare a zone champion or wild card team by 10 days in advance of the start of competition at a Provincial Championship Tournament $175

Appeals (Appeals Policy 16.4.2)

Fee Amount
Appeal fee that must accompany a written appeal of a policy $750
Appeal fee that must accompany a written appeal of a suspension $750

Team Staff certification policy Violation Fees (Coaching/Team Staff Policy 10.4)

Fee Amount
Team Staff Certification Violation
If team is still able to meet minimum staff requirements $500 fee to the team’s association
If team is not able to meet minimum staff requirements $1000 fee to the team’s association
Residency and Release Violation $1000 fine to the association