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Fee Structure

Each Fee is listed with its corresponding policy heading reference i.e.   (1.1.1)

NOCP Clinics (Officiating) (

Note: These are fees RAB charges to clinic hosts. Hosts may charge higher fees to participants

Fee Amount
Refresher Participant Fee $65 each
Level 1 Participant Fee $1450 each
Level 2/3 Participant Fee $100 each
Evaluators Participant Fee Hosted by Ringette Alberta


NCCP Clinics (Coaching) (

Fee Amount
Community Sport Initiation (CSI) Participant Fee $130 each
Competition Introduction (CI) Participant Fee $220 each
CI Evaluations (evaluations are completed together) $80 each
Making Ethical Decisions $30 each

Note: Clinic fees are subject to change without notice


Association Membership Dues ( &

Fee Amount
0-30 Players $30/year
31-70 Players $50/year
71-100 $100/year
Every subsequent 100 (or part thereof) Players $25/year


Allowable Expenses for approved Business (

Expense Amount
Personal use of vehicle on Ringette Alberta business $0.45 / km
Meal per diem maximums $34.50 / day with receipts.
Breakfast $7.50, Lunch $9.50,Dinner $17.50
Convenience per diem with no receipts required $5.00 per meal


Player Registration Fee Active Start to Masters ( – $61.00

Individual Registration Fee and Insurance Premiums


Ringette Alberta*

Ringette Canada


Insurance Premiums1

General Liability

Sport Accident

Directors & Officers Liability








Team Staff














Note: Ringette Alberta and Ringette Canada only charge one registration fee per individual even if an individual is registered in multiple roles. The higher fee applies.
1  Ringette Alberta pays insurance premiums from the individual’s Ringette Alberta registration

Late Submission Fees (

Per Affiliate


Per Team Staff


Addition of a full team (or at least 8 new players on one team)


At Ringette Alberta’s sole discretion, these fees may be waived to accommodate new “on-ramp” programs, e.g., Learn to Skate, Intro to Ringette.


Team Staff Registrations (2.4.5 & Team Staff Policy)

Fee Amount
Team Staff Registration Fee $24/staff


Provincial Championship Fees (PC Technical Manual)

U14 – U19 (C, B, A)







Playdown Fees

Fee Amount
AA , A, B, and C Provincial Championships Commitment to Attend Fee $500/team


Officials Evaluations (

Fee Amount
Honourarium paid per evaluation $15/evaluation


Officials Registration Fees  (Officials policy) – $24 / official

Failure to Notify Suspension Policy 15.4.2 & 15.4.3

Fee Amount
Fine to Group Member Association for Failure to Notify Ringette Alberta of a Misconduct or Match Penalty during Games within or out of Province $200


Event/Tournament Sanction Fees (12.4.2)

Special Event Sanction


Tournament Sanction


30 days+ notice to Ringette Alberta

$14 / team
($56 minimum)

8-29 days notice to Ringette Alberta

$500 additional

7 or fewer days notice to Ringette Alberta

$1000 additional

Officials Remuneration for Provincials (Provincial Championships Technical Manual)

Per game remuneration for officials at AA, A, B, and C Provincial Championships

Fee Amount
U14 and Under Divisions $25
U14AA, U16 and Older Divisions $30
Mini Games $6 each, all divisions


Protests (PC Technical Manual)

Fee Amount
Deposit that must accompany a protest launched at a Provincial Championships Tournament $500



Appeals (Appeals Policy 16.4.2)





Cost Recovery**

When Ringette Alberta receives an appeal or complaint where the Group Member or League Member is the Respondent, all legal fees incurred by Ringette Alberta for Case / Appeal Management and Tribunals will be charged back to the Member regardless of the decision of the case manager / appeal officer and tribunal.

At cost

Administration fee per appeal / complaint where the Group / League Member is the Respondent**


*These fees are refundable if the Complainant, Appellant, Protesting Team is successful



Team Staff certification policy Violation Fees (Coaching/Team Staff Policy 10.4)

Fee Amount
Team Staff Certification Violation  
If team is still able to meet minimum staff requirements $500 fee to the team’s association
If team is not able to meet minimum staff requirements $1000 fee to the team’s association
Residency and Release Violation $1000 fine to the association



Registration / Roster Violation


If, after December 15th, a team requires the addition of a qualified team staff member to the roster for the team to remain viable


Permitting a coach to be on the ice, behind the bench or leading any other team activity, without that individual meeting minimum screening and certification requirements.





Team forfeits all previous games

Permitting an individual to act in a role for which they do not meet minimum certification requirements, e.g., allowing an individual to register as a trainer but function as a coach.



Team forfeits all previous games

Permitting a player to participate in any games, practices, dryland, or other team events without that individual being duly registered



Team forfeits all previous games

Universal Athlete Assessment 

Less than 80% of a AA team’s players are tested


Failure to Report Suspension

Failure to Notify RAB of a Misconduct or Match Penalty