Draft policies: Sanctioning & Inclusion

The Ringette Alberta Board has prepared two draft policies and is requesting your feedback / input.

12.0 Event Sanctioning Policy (revisions)
The revised event sanctioning policy is intended to come into effect for any events scheduled after the conclusion of the 2018 Ringette Alberta Provincial Championships and thereafter.

The revisions are intended to add clarity to the policy, specifically around what is automatically sanctioned without application, and what requires application for sanctioning.  The revision also includes the basis for determining whether or not sanctioning is granted.

25.0 Inclusion Policy (new)
This policy is intended to be in effect immediately upon Board approval

Th purpose of this new policy is to ensure all participants have access to programming and facilities in which they feel comfortable and safe.  It is also to align Ringette Alberta policy with the Alberta Human Rights Act.

Additional guidelines for implementation will be made available to members when the final policy is released.

You should email your feedback to david@ringettealberta.com no later than 09:00, November 23, 2017.