Dave Myers, RAB Executive Director, launches Canada 5000 Rally Against Alzheimer’s Tomorrow

One of the great things about working for Ringette is the sense of community our unique environment gives us. With that in mind, here is a quick note to let you know what one member of our ringette family is up to.

On June 10, Ringette Alberta’s Executive Director, Dave Myers, will set off with a codriver, Dave Clark, on the Canada 5000 Rally Against Alzheimer’s

For nine years, Canada’s rural and backcountry roads played host to one of the longest and most challenging automotive rallies of the 1960s, the Shell Canada 4000. Professional drivers and manufacturer-sponsored teams navigated 4000 miles across Canada every spring from 1961 to 1968 and again in 1971. In 2015, the Canada 5000 will follow various routes of the original rally, but it will be stretched out to 5000 miles from Vancouver to Halifax (plus the Edmonton to Vancouver trip). This is not your average Trans-Canada road trip though.

The original rally ran along some of the most challenging and scenic routes across Canada and Dave will follow them turnby-turn. He’ll stick strictly to the routes that were set 50-plus years ago. For the most part, these routes don’t follow the highways you would expect. They take logging roads, gravel side roads and even some nonmaintained trails. And this will also be done in a 48-year-old Volvo 122S which is being rebuilt from a non-running lump to something that will make the trip and look good doing it.

This isn’t just a crazy long road trip or car restoration story. Dave’s mom has Alzheimer’s and this event is being done as an awareness and fundraising campaign for Alzheimer’s and other forms of dimentia.

The goal is to raise $10 per mile or $50,000 but most importantly to generate discussion about this disease. Did you know that of all those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, 72% are women? Dave is doing this for his mom and all the other moms, sisters, daughters, wives, and partners that we hope never have to experience Alzheimer’s. He hopes none of the girls and women who play ringette will be among the 72%.

If you want to learn more and/or to donate, visit www.canada5000.ca. You can also follow Dave’s progress live during the rally. There is a live GPS “Rally Tracker” that will show you just how lost he’ll get!

For the full release, please check it out here: The Crazy Walk Among Us in Ringette (1)

We wish Dave the best of luck on his 5000 mile journey! We’ll be cheering along and providing occasional updates via our social media!