Fort McMurray and Cochrane dates added to the Officials clinics

Looking for a clinic in Fort McMurray or Cochrane? We’ve added clinics to these areas.

Cochrane is hosting a New Level 1 course, those looking to become an official in Zone 2 are welcome to register. This clinic will be on September 29th, from 11am to 430pm. Participants will need to take the precourse online and bring skates and a helmet to the clinic. The clinic will be at the Totem arena. 

Fort McMurray has also announced their clinic to refresh their officials, running on October 20th (times to be confirmed). There will also be a New Level 1 clinic on October 20th, running in conjunction with the previous clinic. The New Level 1 has a on-ice component that the refresher does not have, so skates and a helmet are required for the New Level 1 clinic.

For both these clinics, please go to to register.

This is a refresher year, all officials must take a refresher clinic, those who don’t will not be able to officiate this season. There are various dates and locations around the province to accommodate every official as best we could. Please use the previous link to register for a clinic. Clinics are filling up fast!

All dates are posted either on or under the Officials heading on our site.