Coach Absences

Please check through the Team Staff Policy (#10), especially as it relates to these FAQs:

  • 10.4.4 Minimums and Maximums on the Team Registration Form (TRF)
  • 10.4.5 Minimums and Maximums on the Player’s Bench during games
  • 10.4.6 Age Requirements
  • 10.4.8 Acceptable Absence of Team Staff
Read RAB’s Team Staff Policy #10


What to do if your female coach can’t make it to the game while complying with clause 10.4.8 of the Team Staff Policy:

You are not required to alert Ringette Alberta, but if you do, you shouldn’t expect a response. We can refer to it later if need be.

We recommend informing the team you’re playing against prior to the game, even in the lobby when you exchange game sheets. Tell them that your female coach is absent and it falls under RAB’s policy for Acceptable Absences. This avoids everyone losing time due to petty complaints issued after the fact. If you’re at a tournament, we recommend informing someone on the tournament committee as well as the other team’s coach(es).

You CANNOT replace a missing coach, male or female, with anyone who is not on your TRF. 

Managers and on-ice assistants are not allowed on the bench during games, and neither female trainers nor junior coaches fulfill the qualified female coach requirement.