Call for candidates for the Ringette Canada Board of Directors

Posting on behalf of Ringette Canada: 

Ringette Canada is seeking volunteers to serve on its Board of Directors for terms beginning on
September 23, 2018.

For the upcoming year there will be five (5) positions up for election at the Ringette Canada Annual
General Meeting. There are three (3) Directors at large positions, one (1) President position and one (1)
Athlete Director position.

At the 2017 Ringette Canada Annual General Meeting, the Ringette Canada Membership approved
amendments to the Ringette Canada By-Laws regarding the election and terms of Directors (specifically bylaw
#7). Commencing in 2019 all Ringette Canada Directors will be elected to the Board for a three-year
term. 2018 will be the last year of transition and implementation of the new by-law. Therefore, for this
upcoming election two (2) Directors at large positions will be for a two-year term, one (1) Director at large
position will be for a three-year term, and the positions of President and Athlete Director will each be for a
three-year term.

We therefore ask all interested individuals to clearly read the Ringette Canada By-Laws at
and indicate, when completing the Candidate Qualification form, whether he or she is interested in a
two-year or a three-year term.

These openings will be filled by persons having expertise in the competency areas outlined in the attached Board
Information Package. (Click here for Package PDF)

Interested individuals are encouraged to complete the Candidate Qualification Form at the following link
outlining their interest and experience as defined in the attached Board Information Package.

Interested individuals please complete Candidate Qualification Form

The completed form must be received by Ringette Canada through the google link provided above no
later than August 10, 2018 at 17h00 (EDT). Any questions can be sent to