Awards and Scholarships

Ringette Alberta Recognition and Awards


Coach of the Year Award – Each year Ringette Alberta will award one Coach of the Year award, the winner of this award will be presented with a cheque for $250. The coach’s home association will also receive $250 to be used to aid in the further development of their coaches.

Official of the Year Award  Ringette Alberta will award one senior and one junior Official of the Year award each season.  The selected officials will have demonstrated a strong performance and commitment to the sport of ringette through active participation and involvement.  Criteria for this award include:  level of contribution; longevity of service; impact on the sport; demonstration of excellence; attitude and peer feedback.

Player of the Year Award – Each season Ringette Alberta will award one Player of the Year award. The Player of the Year will be presented with a cheque for $250. The player’s home association will also receive $250 to be used to aid with further player development.

Ringette Excellence Award – This award is intended to recognize an individual or group who has/have made a significant contribution towards showcasing the popularity and the overall appeal of the sport of ringette. This award is provincial in scope and stature, and recognizes outstanding, lifelong achievement as a volunteer supporting and improving the sport of ringette.

Friends of Ringette Award – These awards are intended to recognize outstanding individuals who have shown dedication to the sport of Ringette.  This award is meant as an opportunity to celebrate the unique nature of the ringette community, both geographically and demographically.

Youth Volunteerism AwardIndividual / Youth Volunteerism Award – Group – These awards are intended to recognize outstanding individuals under the age of 18 who have shown dedication to the sport of ringette.  These individuals have excelled even with the busy schedules of their young lives and understand the true value of sportsmanship and volunteerism.

Phyllis Sadoway Development Award – This award is given to a maximum of two associations each season that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to developing and growing the sport in their community.  The Phyllis Sadoway Development Award accompanies a cheque for $500 given to each selected association to use to further enhance their programs.  These funds may be used to offer development opportunities for officials, team staff, players, volunteers, and parents within the association.

Ringette Alberta Board Service Award – This award is intended to recognize long-serving board, committee or sub-committee members who have provided Ringette Alberta with outstanding volunteer service.

Ringette Alberta Scholarships

Ringette Alberta scholarships are given out each year to ringette players who  have demonstrated both strong academic performance and a commitment to the sport of ringette through active participation and involvement. These scholarships are designed to encourage athletes to maintain their involvement in ringette while pursuing post-secondary studies.  Up to four scholarships of $1500 each will be awarded each year.

2020 Applications will be posted on June 1, 2020.  Applications must be received by Ringette Alberta no later than August 7, 2020.

Once your online application has been submitted, official transcripts must be MAILED to Ringette Alberta and received by August 7th at:

Percy Page Centre, 3rd Floor
11759 Groat Road
Edmonton AB T5M 3K6
Attention:  Carolyn Reich

Congratulations to our 2019 Scholarship recipients!

Ringette Canada Scholarships

The Agnes Jacks Scholarship Awards are named in honour of Mrs. Agnes Jacks who, following the untimely passing of her husband Mr. Sam Jacks (ringette’s founder), picked up the gauntlet and became a dedicated and tireless promoter of the sport. Mrs. Jacks became a well known and well loved figure in the ringette community and over the years became known across Canada as ringette’s “goodwill ambassador”.

This program provides a number of scholarships of $1,000 each towards post-secondary education for ringette players, coaches and officials who demonstrate a strong commitment to the sport of ringette. The number of scholarships offered each year is determined by Ringette Canada’s Board of Directors.

Applications must be received in the Ringette Canada office no later than March 31st.

The Cara Brown Scholarship, which recognizes and rewards combined performance in elite ringette and scholastics, is awarded to registered ringette players who are actively playing ringette at the elite level (AA or at the highest level offered in the applicant’s community), who are entering a Canadian university on a full-time basis for the first time, and who combine academic excellence with a strong commitment to the sport of ringette.  Starting in the 2010-2011 academic year, Cara has generously increased this scholarship to $1,000.  Two annual scholarships are provided and successful applicants also receive a certificate recognizing their achievements.

Cara Brown is a ringette athlete who enjoyed a spectacular career. She played competitively in both Sudbury and Calgary, participated in seventeen Canadian Ringette Championships, served as team captain at the World Ringette Championships in 1990, 1992 and 1994, and participated in the 1998 International Summit Series in Europe.

Ringette Canada is grateful to Cara and her company, Brown Economic Consulting, for their generous support of this program.

Applications must be received in the Ringette Canada office no later than March 31st.

The 5-Count Ringette Goalie Scholarship provides two scholarships in the amount of $250 each and are awarded annually to registered players who are actively playing as a goalkeeper and the scholarships are to be used for a unique opportunity that will benefit them as a goalie, their team, and/or ringette in general. The scholarships have been made possible through the support of Keely Brown, Heather Konkin and the program they co-own, 5-Count Ringette Goalie Instruction.

Application for a 5-Count Ringette Goalie Scholarship can be made by ringette goalies who have been a goalkeeper for the past three years. Ringette Canada will not release scholarship funds until proof that the athlete has been a goalkeeper for the past three years has been provided.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

BOWVIEW RINGETTE SCHOLARSHIP – The Spirit of Ringette Scholarship is designed to encourage post secondary students to continue playing competitive ringette after the completion of high school. To be eligible for this scholarship, ringette players must be registered at a post-secondary institution in Canada. The amount of the scholarship is $750.

FRIENDS OF RINGETTE SCHOLARSHIPS – The Friends of Ringette Society scholarship program supports and encourages excellence in academics and ringette by post secondary student athletes who are members of competitive post secondary ringette teams, such as the University Ringette Team, in Northern Alberta. A significant number of scholarships, totaling $50,000, are available on an annual basis.

STACEY LEVITT WOMEN & SPORT MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – The Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS) invites applications from young women, girls’ teams and/or qualified sport organizations for this $2,500 scholarship which is shared by five recipients.

THE MEGHAN BOMFORD MEMORIAL BURSARY – Western Ringette is proud to announce the Meghan Bomford Memorial Scholarship Award. Meghan, a passionate ringette player, daughter, sister and friend was lost in a tragic vehicle accident October 18, 2016.  This Memorial bursary will be presented annually in her name to pay tribute to her memory and inspire others to contribute to the ringette community.  It will be comprised of at least two awards of $500 each.  One award will be distributed to a candidate most closely matching the criteria in the application and a second $500 award will be distributed to an applicant via random draw from a list of all qualified applicants.

Scholarship Databases

The following three databases allows you to explore a variety of Scholarship and Bursaries that are available:

Alberta Scholarship Programs – lists awards that are administered by Alberta Scholarship Programs.

Scholarship Connections – lists awards that are administered by various organizations.

Post-Secondary Institutions Scholarships – lists awards that are administered by specific post-secondary institutions.

***Ringette Alberta does not check if these scholarships are still current, if you note one is not, please email.