Apply to Host a Come Try Ringette Event

Application to Host a Come Try Ringette Event

Please complete this form if you wish to host a Come Try Ringette event this year.
  • Come Try Ringette

    Please use this form if you would like to request to host a Come Try Ringette event. Once your application has been reviewed, you will will receive a confirmation email. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the CTR program, please feel free to email Robyn Gillespie at
  • Please share the email address that you would like all correspondence regarding this event to be sent to. This is also the address that all of the online registrations will be forwarded to.
  • Please share the mailing address that you would like to have your supplies and giveaway items sent to. Please do not list a PO Box-it must be a physical address. Thank you!
  • Event Details

    Below please provide the date, time and location of your event, as well as a description that will be utilized on the Come Try Ringette website and in social media promotions.
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  • Please include the full address of the venue
  • This should be a marketing statement to encourage parents/potential participants to attend. It should also include what equipment will be provided, what participants should bring and MUST include contact email or phone number for questions.
  • This will help with social media promotion and sharing of posts.
  • Planning

    This section includes important parameters that will help contribute to long-term planning and success of your event.
    Events that are not scheduled 6 or more weeks in advance may not be approved.
  • Please enter a value between 1 and 100.
    Set a goal for your event.
    Registrants should be contacted within a few days of registering and a few days before the event to confirm their attendance and answer any questions they may have.
  • Marketing Materials

    Below are the materials available for events. These are provided to associations at no cost. Please be sure to order enough materials, but not so many that there is a lot of waste. GIVEAWAY ITEMS Giveaway materials (small tote bags and colouring books) will be provided for all events (based on event registration numbers 1 week before). Each association is encouraged to have other small, association specific, giveaways as well.
    All materials subject to availability.
    Groups in the Edmonton-area are strongly encouraged to pick up materials from the office at 11759 Groat Road. Robyn will contact you when they are ready. The office is open Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm, closed for stat holidays.