Account Login Help

As a coach, you likely have two different accounts which keep track of your training. If you are locked out or can’t remember how to log in, DO NOT create a new account! If you did create a second account, let us know and we can combine the profiles so that all the information is in one profile only. 

Which account do you need help accessing? Ringette Alberta should be able to reset either one with the right information. Read below.

Your profile is also known as your Locker and this is where official records of courses you’ve taken will appear. This will show your Professional Development (PD) points and statuses as well. On the login page there is an option to look up your NCCP# which you can try.

If that isn’t working, or if you know you used an old address that you won’t be able to access, you can email Bronwen to get an account reset. In your email be sure to include your full name, your NCCP# and/or your date of birth, and the email address that you want to be used.