Call for Nominations for Positions on the Ringette Alberta Board

Ringette Alberta is inviting interested individuals to submit nominations for the following Director positions for a two-year term:

  • President (see 3.11 below)
  • Vice President
  • Director at Large (3 positions)

All nominees must submit the following:

Nominations may be emailed directly to the Nominating Committee care of the President at or delivered to the Executive Director at the Ringette Alberta office. Nominations and accompanying required documents must be received on or before April 7, 2016:

 Election of Directors and Appointment of Directors

3.10     Eligibility – Any individual who is 18 years of age or older and who has the power under law to contract and is either an Individual Member or affiliated with a Group or Zone Member of the Association, may be nominated for election as a Director.

3.11     Eligibility of President – Any individual, who has served as a Director for one full year immediately prior to nomination, may be nominated for election as President.

3.12     Nomination – Any nomination of an individual for election as a Director will:

  1. a) include the written consent of the nominee;
  2. b) be submitted to the Nominating Committee at least 30 days prior to the Annual General Meeting; and
  3. c) where a current Director wishes to run for re-election, the Director will indicate this intention in writing not less than twenty-one (21) days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

3.13     Circulation of Nominations – Valid nominations will be circulated to Members at least 21 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

3.14     Decision – Elections will be decided by majority vote of the Members in accordance with the following:

  1. a) One Valid Nomination – Winner declared by acclamation.
  2. b) Two or More Valid Nominations – Winner is the nominee receiving the greatest number of votes.

3.15 Terms – The term for elected Directors is two years and Directors will hold office until their successors have been duly elected in accordance with these Bylaws, or unless they resign, are removed from, or vacate their office in a manner prescribed in these bylaws. Elected Directors will be eligible for re-election and will be limited to two successive terms. If a Director assumes an office due to vacancy, that term may be finished and the Director may serve two full terms after being elected.

3.16 Staggered Terms – The terms of elected Directors will be staggered by electing half of the Directors at each Annual General Meeting as follows:

Even Number Years                                        Odd Number Years

  1. a) President d) Treasurer
  2. b) Vice-President e) Four (4) Directors at Large
  3. c) Three (3) Directors at Large

provided that in the first election to be held pursuant to these Bylaws, three Directors at Large will be elected for a two-year term and four Directors at Large will be elected for a one-year term, and thereafter all Directors at Large will be elected for two-year terms.

3.17 Vacancy – Where the position of a Director becomes vacant for whatever reason, the Board may appoint a qualified individual to fill the vacancy until such time as a Director is elected or appointed in accordance with these Bylaws.