2017/2018 Ringette Alberta Awards

At the 2018 Conference and Annual General Meeting, Ringette Alberta was pleased to present the 2017/2018 Ringette Alberta Awards to several outstanding individuals in our province.  On behalf of the entire Ringette Alberta membership, we congratulate these individuals and thank them for their contributions to our province and our sport.

Junior official of the year:

This award is given to an official that has been active for 5 or less year, that demonstrates a strong performance and commitment to the sport.

Our Junior official of the year took part in the first season of our Official Development program and was regarded as a notable success.  The criteria for selection was based on attitude, commitment, past performance and ambition to succeed in more challenging assignments.  As the season went on, this Official consistently reminded us she was a smart choice.

Not only does she officiate, she also played her first season in the Open division, attends Post-Secondary and works part-time.  She is a wonderful young lady and has gown tremendously over the past two seasons.

Congratulations Megan Romaniuk! 


Senior Official of the Year: 

This award is given to an official that has been active more than 5 years, and demonstrates strong performances and commitment to the sport.

Since moving to Alberta a few years ago, this official has taken part in so many events over the seasons – usually in a leadership role. He has helped develop so many of our young officials at various levels within the sport. At the local association, where he is a coach, he also takes on the big task of assigning officials.

He provides quality feedback, throughout the year, through evaluations. This year he was at the helm for Alberta Winter Games in Wood Buffalo, as well as AA Provincials and Open B Provincials.  He will also be at the RAB Cup tournament in a couple of weeks.

Congratulations Blair MacGregor!

Coach of the Year:     

The Coach of the year award goes to a coach that promotes a positive public image for coaching in the sport, shows respect to officials, opponents, players and parents, and reinforces a philosophy of fair play.

Our 2018 Coach of the Year has spent almost 500 hours at the rink either volunteering, refereeing, playing or coaching a sport she loves.  She officiated 60 games, played 35 games, coached 98 practices and 83 games.

She is flexible, a great communicator, honest and continually challenges her players to do better and push their limits.  She has been actively involved in her community by taking the lead to raise funds for Clara Hutton and Ryan Shtuka.

Our Coach of the Year continually goes above and beyond because she loves ringette and she works so hard for everyone that she is involved with to love it too.  Because of this Coach there are girls that keep wanting to come back and play.

The team exceeded expectations by taking home gold in the St. Albert, Strathmore, and Spruce Grove tournaments.  They also went an impressive 14 wins and 2 losses in their league play, finishing the season with 38 wins and 5 loses.  This team went on to finish 1st in Provincials.  The team was taught, by this Coach, to respect each other, opponents, officials and parents and is the reason behind their success.

Congratulations Landyn Carr.

Beaumont Ringette Association will also receive a cheque for their support and continued efforts behind positively developing coaches.


Player of the Year:

The player of the Year Award is awarded based on demonstrated excellence in ringette throughout the season.

Our Player of the year has been an active member of the Fort McMurray Ringette Association for the past few seasons.  As a goalie she has not only been committed to her own team but has stepped in to goaltend in the division’s above her. She is also involved in mentoring goalies in lower divisions.

This amazing young lady always stays positive throughout the entire season even when games have been tough.  One game she stopped an amazing 86 out of 91 shots.  She has a “never quit” attitude and is a team leader, role model and inspiration to her teammates.

Congratulations Brianna Burke!

Fort McMurray Ringette Association will also receive a cheque to aid with further player development.


Individual Youth Volunteerism Award:

Ringette Alberta’s Youth Volunteerism award is intended to recognize outstanding individuals under the age of 18 who have shown dedication to the sport of ringette.  These volunteers have excelled even with the busy schedules of their young lives and understand the true value of sportsmanship and volunteerism.

Our 2018 recipient of the Youth Volunteerism Award enthusiastically stepped up to Junior Coach at 14 years old.  She volunteered over 50 hours to her Junior team in addition to the commitment of her own U16B Bowview team.

On top of her ringette volunteering, she is very active in representing her school in debate and poetry reading at the Provincial level.

Her Bowview U10 team describes her as delightful, polite, courteous, confident, sunny, cheerful, kind, intelligent and self-composed.

Ringette Alberta is proud to announce Sarah Adam as our 2018 Youth Volunteer Award recipient.

Congratulations Sarah!


Friends of Ringette Awards:

These awards are given to recognize outstanding individuals that have shown dedication to the sport. Ringette Alberta would like to recognize 2 individuals that have done just that.

Our first recipient has been an outstanding volunteer with Bowview Ringette Association. She has been a board member for 4 years and a coach for 6 years and also serves as mentor for one our U14B coaches.  She has single handedly hosted the Come Try Ringette for 3 years (sometimes twice a year), with typically the best attendance in Calgary and with one memorable event when the lights went out.

As our Jingle Ring Coordinator, she has been instrumental in it’s growing success over the last 4 years. She initiated our first Coach’s Appreciation Night which was extremely well received and contributes to the strength of our coaching network.

This recipient contributes enormously to Bowview’s club culture and everyone who meets her is inevitably has a better experience with ringette. She will, without hesitation, go out of her way to help others in promoting ringette. She drives our Come Try Ringette sticks and supplies to Canmore, Banff and Okotoks, and to Calgary Sport’s All Sport One Day events, plus many more.

She manages the annual Bowview Social fundraiser event and is planning a very special anniversary edition for Bow View’s 30th Anniversary. She demonstrates a deep passion for ringette and clear understanding of the need to have young women be involved in sports with female role models. She is able to rely on her years of playing and coaching when sharing her knowledge with up and coming young women. She spends countless hours volunteering her time and we can not thank her enough for her tireless contributions to our sport.

Congratulations Melissa Kovatch!


Our second recipient has been a dedicated volunteer to the sport for many years. She is a tireless volunteer who is always the first to raise her hand when a job needs to be done. Her contributions to the sport have helped develop ringette at both the minor and adult levels in Calgary.

Her dedication to the Calgary East Ringette Association has spanned over 19 seasons. She is currently the President of Calgary East and has also filled the roles of Treasurer, Registrar and Team Manager, as well as sitting on the Lonnie Krahn Classic Tournament Committee.

Her volunteerism also extends outside her Association – she sits on the Ringette Calgary Board and the CORA Board, as well as her involvement on various sub-Committees (as U19 Coordinator) and the Esso Golden Ring Tournament Committee throughout the years.

Ringette Calgary and Ringette Alberta appreciates all the time, energy and passion she puts into the program.  A big Thank you and Congratulations to Mary Pelland!


Ringette Excellence Award:

This award recognizes individuals that have made significant contributions towards showcasing the popularity of the sport, and outstanding lifelong achievement as a volunteer supporting and improving the sport of ringette.  

Our Ringette Excellence award recipient has played ringette since she was a child in Saskatoon. She was also a ringette official since the mid 90’s, holding clinics throughout Saskatchewan and holding the Ref in Chief position in Saskatoon and Fort McMurray. She has been a coach with Bow View since 2013 and has been a board member for 3 years.

Our recipient is an excellent role model. She has a strong understanding of the game and ability to teach it. She has been nominated as coach of the year twice and has had an incredible impact as the VP of Coaching Development. Together with our president and the executive, she drafted a set of objectives for coaching selection that did not include any affirmative action. Through her positive and encouraging leadership style, she has inspired many experienced ringette players to use their knowledge and abilities to become head coaches. Bow View proudly has 20 out of 35 high quality head coaches in 2018 that are female. This represents significant progress in having female role models in our sport, without sacrificing any technical quality or selecting them on the basis of gender. This is largely due to her encouragement and support and setting strategic goals for the coaching body to operate as a group, as a network and to work with one another. The benefits are immediate, and obvious.

Our Ringette Excellence recipient consults with other senior coaches to strategically manage our coaching mentorship program that has also seen significant positive impact. A few years ago, we may have struggled with getting quality coaches in certain divisions or tiers. Now, we have more people willing to step up and coach because they know they are going to have access to a lot of resources and competent mentors. She promotes a team atmosphere not just on her own team but among the coaching personnel in the club. Her contributions are recognized, appreciated and far reaching.

Congratulations to Chandra Otterson