The following is a list of all sanctioned tournaments and events being held in Alberta in 2022/23:
*please note in all Tournaments with U10 & Active Start Divisions, small nets will be used.
Sanctioning Process and Criteria

Rusty Ring Zone 2 Big Country Sept 16-18, 2022 U14AA 22/08/2022 Email Michelle
Ring It On Calgary AA Sept 23-25, 2022 U16AA, U19AA 31/08/2022 Ring It On Website
Ava Esposito Memorial South Calgary Oct 7-9, 2022 U12A, U14A/B, U16A, U19A/B 23/09/2022 Ava Esposito Memorial Website
Turkey Ring St. Albert Oct 7-10, 2022 U10S3, U12A/B/C, U14AA/A/B/C, U16AA/A/B, U19AA/A/B 20/09/2022 Turkey Ring Website
Lonnie Krahn Calgary East Oct 14-16, 2022 U12A/B/C, U14A/B/C, U16A/B, U19A/B 01/10/2022 Lonnie Krahn Website
Brass Ring Beaumont Oct 21-23, 2022 U10S1, U12A/B/C, U14A/B/C, U16A/B, U19A/B 02/10/2022 Email Anita
NW Ringette Rumble Northwest Ringette Nov 4-6, 2022 U14A/B/C, U16A/B, U19A/B 01/10/2022 NW Ringette Rumble Website
Platinum Ring Sherwood Park Nov 10-13, 2022 U10S3, U12A/B/C, U14AA/A/B/C, U16A/B, U19A/B, Open B 12/10/2022 Platinum Ring Website
Ring of Fire, Pt 1 Airdrie Nov 10-13, 2022 U12A/B/C, U14A/B/C, U16A/B, U19A/B 06/10/2022 Ring of Fire Website
Bridge Battle, Fall Lethbridge Nov 18-20, 2022 U10S1/S2/S3, U12A/B/C, U14A/C, U16B, U19A, Open A/C 04/11/2022 Bridge Battle Website
Jingle Ring Bowview Nov 18-20, 2022 U10S3, U12A, U14A/B, U16A, U19A 01/10/2022 Jingle Ring Website
 Ice Angels Indus  Nov 25-27, 2022 Active Start, U10S1/S2/S3  21/10/2022  Ice Angels Website
Ice Breaker Lacombe Nov 25-27, 2022 U10S1/S2/S3, U12A/C, U14A/C, U16B, U19B 06/10/2022 Ice Breaker Website
Rockyford Ringers Rockyford Nov 25-27, 2022 U10S1/S2 25/10/2022 Rockyford Website
Silver Ring Edmonton Nov 25-27, 2022 U12A/B/C, U14A/B/C, U16A/B, U19A/B 01/11/2022 Silver Ring Website
Diamond Ring Fort Saskatchewan Dec 2-4, 2022 U10S1/S2/S3, U12B/C, U14B/C, U16B 15/10/2022 Email Jennifer
Ed Horvath Interprovincial Medicine Hat Dec 2-4, 2022 U10S1/S3, U12B, U14B, U16B, U19B, Open B/C 09/10/2022 Ed Horvath Interprovincial Website
Wood Edmonton Dec 2-4, 2022 U14AA, U16AA, U19AA 05/09/2022 Wood Tournament Website
Bob Campbell Classic Cochrane Dec 9-11, 2022 Active Start, U10S1/S2/S3, U12A/C, U14A/B, U16A/B, U19A/B 23/10/2022 Bob Campbell Classic Website
Ring in the Holidays South Calgary Dec 9-11, 2022 U12A/B, U14A, U16B, U19A 21/10/2022 Ring in the Holidays Website
Friends on Ice (Red Deer) Red Deer Jan 6-8, 2023 U10S1/S2/S3, U12A/B/C, U14AA/B/C, U16AA/A/B, U19AA/B 10/11/2022 Friends on Ice (Red Deer) Website
Friends on Ice (Hinton) Hinton Jan 20-22, 2023 Active Start, U10S1/S2, U12B, U14B, U16B, U19A 15/11/2022 Friends on Ice (Hinton) Website
Sweetheart Spruce Grove Feb 17-20, 2023 U10S1/S2/S3, U12A/B/C, U14AA/A/B/C, U16AA/A/B, U19A, Open B 01/11/2022 Sweetheart Website


Past 2021-22 Tournaments
Tournament City Dates Team List Received
Rusty Ring Cochrane Sept. 17-19 Yes
Ring It On Calgary Sept. 24-26 Yes
Ava Esposito Memorial Cochrane Oct. 8-10 Yes
Turkey Ring St. Albert Oct. 8-11 Yes
Lonnie Krahn Calgary Oct. 14-17 Yes
Beaumont Brass Ring Beaumont Oct. 22-24 Yes
NW Ringette Rumble Calgary Oct. 29-31 Yes
Platinum Ring Sherwood Park Nov. 11-14 Yes
Ring of Fire Airdrie Nov. 12-14  
Bridge Battle Lethbridge Nov. 19-21 Yes
Jingle Ring Calgary Nov. 19-21 Yes
Silver Ring Edmonton Nov. 19-21 Yes
Ice Breaker Lacombe Nov. 26-28  
Ice Angels Indus Nov. 26-28 Yes
Rockyford Ringers Rockyford Nov. 26-28 Yes
Diamond Ring Fort Saskatchewan Dec. 3-5 Yes
Ed Horvath Medicine Hat Dec. 3-5 Yes
Ring in the Holidays Calgary Dec. 3-5 Yes
Wood Tournament Edmonton Dec. 3-5 Yes
Bob Campbell Classic Cochrane Dec. 10-12 Yes
The Rose Rosemary Dec. 17-19 Yes
Friends On Ice Red Deer Jan. 7-9  
Wild Thing Leduc Jan. 7-9  
Hinton Friends on Ice Hinton Jan. 21-23  
Laurie Morton Ruppe Memorial Strathmore Jan. 28-30  
Sweetheart Spruce Grove Feb. 18-20  
Ring of Fire Two Airdrie Mar. 4-6  
RC Friendship Tournament Calgary Mar. 5-6  
Bridge Battle Spring Lethbridge Mar. 11-13 Yes
Phyllis Sadoway  Sherwood Park Mar. 18-20  
University Challenge Cup
The University Challenge Cup is an annual tournament held every January and provides an opportunity for University teams from the East and the West to compete against one another.  Since becoming a national tournament in 2004, Universities in Alberta have been a powerful force.

Previous Results:

2020 – University of Lethbridge – Silver
2019 – University of Calgary Dinos – Gold, University of Lethbridge – Silver & University N. Alberta Ringette – Bronze
2018 – University of Calgary Dinos – Gold
2017 – University of Lethbridge Pronghorns – Bronze
2016 – University of Calgary Dinos – Gold & University Ringette – Bronze
2015 – University Ringette – Gold & University of Calgary Dinos – Bronze
2014 – University Ringette – Gold & University of Calgary Dinos – Silver
2013 – University Ringette – Gold & University of Calgary Dinos – Bronze
2012 – University Ringette – Gold
2011 – University of Calgary Dinos – Gold
2010 – University of Calgary Dinos – Gold

More University ringette information:

Canadian University Ringette

University Ringette (Edmonton)

University of Calgary Ringette

University of Lethbridge Ringette

Once all tournament sanctioning criteria have been met and invoice has been paid, tournaments will be posted on the website.
Officials’ Assignors Tournament Guidelines
*To be sent to the Officials’ Assignor for each tournament